He loves me

Stevie Gonzalez has always been the shy girl. No one can really understand her because of this. But then one day a new boy named Liam catches her eye. Liam and Stevie then find love and drama along the way.

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2. I Slept With a Stranger

We walk into the classroom quietly which doesn't make a difference to the noise level, but suddenly the class goes silent."Why are you late?"asked Mrs. Wenzer. "Oh I dr-" "She was showing me around the school" says Liam. I was shocking. No one has ever done that for me. After school Liam asked if he could come over, I said sure since I lived in an apartment by myself. Once we got to my apartment, he plopped onto the couch. "Do you want anything to eat?"I asked. "No I'm good darling." I sat onto the couch next to him. "Do you want to watch a movie, Finding Nemo?" "Sure"says Liam. I brought a blanket and the CD over. I started the movie. Then he scooted closer, I looked into his eyes and he kissed me. He then started to take off my bra. We kissed deeply into the night. I took off his shirt to reveal a 6-pack. He kissed my neck, I shivered to how it felt. He kept reassuring if I was ok, I kept nodding my head. Soon we went to sleep, not knowing what would happen next. I woke up In the morning then I knew I had just slept with a stranger.

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