He loves me

Stevie Gonzalez has always been the shy girl. No one can really understand her because of this. But then one day a new boy named Liam catches her eye. Liam and Stevie then find love and drama along the way.

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1. I know I'm weird

It's raining. My favorite weather. I walk down the wet cement hall alone, like usual. I've always been sorta of a loner... I don't know why, I don't know how it happened, but it just did. People stare a lot like I'm from a different universe. I walk into my homeroom and I seen a new kid in our class. When the bell rings and the announcements are over the Mr. Berklen then introduces him. His name is Liam, Liam Payne. He has a British accent, people laugh but I think it's cute. Mr. Berklen then directs him to the seat next to me, he smiles at me and  I smile back  then I look done at my desk. My hair then falls forward. The bell rings, I gather my belongings but he leaves the class, I hear a voice saying "what class do you have next?" I then turnaround and say Math- Mrs. Wenzer. He then asks he could walk with me and I say sure. We're walking down the hall when Martha Trovely shoves me into the lockers. All of my books fall, then he stops, puts my books into a neat pile and crouches down on the floor "Are you ok?" he asks , I get up and nod my head. He asks again and I say yes. It's nice that someone who barely even knows me asked me that, no one would. We then continue down the hall to math, I look at him and smile and he smiles back. He then opens the door for me and walk into the noisy classroom.

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