He loves me

Stevie Gonzalez has always been the shy girl. No one can really understand her because of this. But then one day a new boy named Liam catches her eye. Liam and Stevie then find love and drama along the way.

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7. Guardian Angel

It turns out I was never pregnant. It was nervousness. I will never tell Liam about this. I have my earphones on listening to Katy Perry's: Unconditionally. All of the sudden, Liam sneaks up behind me and gives me a kiss. He then puts his beanie and jacket on me. I smile. "How's it going darling?" I take out my earphones. "Fine... I'm just tired of all the crap that has been going on." I say. "What happened?" He asks. "Martha and Kartel... They date and bully me, saying I'm fat, ugly, a slut, a bitch... Anything! They just ruin my life. And one day, Kartel touched me... He forced me to have sex with him... After that I just wanted to kill myself, but then you came... You saved me, like a guardian angel. "Where the fuck is that Kartel dude!" He said with rage. "I'll teach him not to fuck around with my girlfriend! That fuckin bastard better be ready!" He rushes out of the apartment... What is he going to do?

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