He loves me

Stevie Gonzalez has always been the shy girl. No one can really understand her because of this. But then one day a new boy named Liam catches her eye. Liam and Stevie then find love and drama along the way.

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6. Baby Maybe?

We arrive at school, it's still raining. I see Martha and I try to avoid her, but that's not good enough for the whole day. Liam walks next to me the whole time, he's really great support. Then he grabs my hand and holds it as we're walking to the inside of the school. People are whispering, and I know their whispering about us. Liam then whispers to me, "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever loved." I just couldn't take it anymore, I took him to the far part of the school so no one would find us. I kissed him. He put my hair behind my ear, I smiled. He then put his hands on my hips, and kissed me hard. We then rushed to the car. We started making out again. He took of my shirt and unhooked my bra. I took off his shirt. Hopefully no one saw us. He pushed me against the seat cushion and kissed my neck, I moaned. I was thinking about touching it but I didn't I wasn't ready. I then felt sick. I put my clothes on and rushed to the bathbathroom. I'm scared to death. I couldn't be pregnant could I? It was in the morning.. I'm scared, even if I was going to have a baby what would Liam do? Leave me? I don't want him to leave me...

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