Elaine Hutcherson is a shy, insecure, 16 year old girl.
It all changes when she meets 7 friends.
She will have the best year until her dad comes to take her away.
And crime, murder, and disaster begins.


16. The End A/N

This is the end of Wallflower. I hope you liked it. The thing was... Jordan looked down and the brake, was broken. That's why he wanted a hug and kiss. Yes, they both died. Sadly, I can't do a sequel. But I am making a whole new book series. I'm still thinking about what it is going to be about. This book was very fun to write. And the names of the boys were made up from a group of boys at school. I dated Tyler. Ha Haa. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my new book series "Angelic Movement"
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