Elaine Hutcherson is a shy, insecure, 16 year old girl.
It all changes when she meets 7 friends.
She will have the best year until her dad comes to take her away.
And crime, murder, and disaster begins.


3. The Beach With The Besties and Boys

    After the party, I went home and fell asleep. I woke up at 8:00am, and checked my phone. Delilah had texted me 2 minutes ago. It said: "Hey. Me and the girls r going to the beach 2day. Wanna come? I think the boys will be there 2. Us teens have a secret spot. We are gonna show u.". I immeadiately replied. "Ok sounds cool. Meet me at the shed at quarter to ten."


     I undressed and got into my strapless black bikini with ruffles. I threw on some denim cut off shorts over it and packed my beach bag. I ate a muffin and got in my golfcart. I rode down to the shed and there was Delilah and Jess sitting in Delilah's golf cart. "Sadie had to go change. Her bikini top literally fell down to her knees." Jess said. Delilah giggled. Sadie walks toward us in a really pretty red bikini. Jess wore a purple bikini kind of like mine. Delilah wore a yellow one and it looked like me and Jess's. Sadie sat by me in my golf cart and we all rode down to the beach. I followed Delilah into some beautiful sunny spot. It had a volleyball net and one picnic table. It had sticks and rocks were a bonfire was built. "Surprise!" Sadie shouts. I spotted the guys by the shore fishing.


   Me, Jess, Sadie, and Delilah walked down there. Delilah sat in front of Ridge and Scott smiling. Me and Jess stood back as Sadie jumped on Jordan's shoulders. We laugh as Jordan ran around like a huge goose with no head. Tyler stared at them confusedly. Sadie fell off and landed on her back. Scott walked over and held out his hand. Sadie grabbed it and stood up. Ridge caught a fish. He started to reel it in. When it came up it was huge. He unhooked it and looked straight at me. I run away screaming. He actually threw the fish and it accidently hit Tyler in the head. We looked so mental as we ran around like dorks. Toward the evening we sat in a circle at the bonfire. "Today was so fun." Sadie gushed. "I'm glad we don't have to go to school. We all go online." Delilah says. "For only 2 hours a day on Monday's Wednesday's and Friday's.". We all sat quiet for a minute.


  To break the silence, Ridge yelled, "NIGHT SWIMMING!" we all ran to the ocean. I grab my surfboard and we all paddled out deep. Luckily Scott brought glow sticks. We arranged them on our bodies. I lay on my board smiling at the boys talking. "Remember that time Tyler choked on an ice cube?" Jordan asked. I bursted into laughter along with Jess and Delilah. "How do you choke on an ice cube?" I ask. I felt safe around these boys. "I DON'T KNOW. I was eating ice and then Ridge said something very corny so I laughed and," before he could finish we all laugh.   We surf back in and lay on the sand side by side. I was beside Jess and Jordan.


      As we lay there, Sadie starts to cough. She holds her hair and starts to cry. Delilah drops beside her and rubs her back. "What's going on?" Jess asked. "She's getting a migraine I think." Delilah answered. Sadie stands up and tries to walk to the bonfire but she passes out. Jess and Delilah run to her. "Someone call 911! She's hurt!" Jess yells. Tyler runs and pulls his phone out of the tackle box. He calls 911. Sadie starts to go pale. Ridge and Jordan drop beside me and watch as Scott does CPR. "Guys the ambulance is on it's way! We will meet them on the road, hurry." Scott picks up Sadie. I sit between Ridge and Jordan on the golf cart as, Scott and Tyler sat in the back with Sadie and Delilah and Jess following behind on Delilah's golf cart.

    We park on the side of the road as the ambulance pulls up. Scott picks up Sadie and gives her to a paramedic. Sadie wakes up as she lays on the ground with paramedics surrounding her. Jess, Delilah, and I sat beside each other and the guys standing by the golf cart. "She's going to be ok." one man says. "Just keep an eye on her." he said. They get back in the ambulance and leave. We ride back down to the beach. We all get on the golf carts and leave. I took a shower once I got home and got in my pajamas. I fell asleep in bed. I woke up early and put on some denim shorts and a Pierce The Veil T shirt. I put on some flip flops, brushed my hair and walked down on the beach. I took a long walk. Once I reached the spot we were last night, I saw Jordan sitting on a log looking at the ocean. I sit by him. "Hey." I say quietly. He smiles at me. "Hey." there was an awkward silence. He looked over at me. "Last night was scary, huh?" he asked. "Yeah. Is she doing good?" He nodded. "Yeah she's ok." Jordan rubbed the back of his neck. He looked at me then looked away. We talked then walked back together.

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