Elaine Hutcherson is a shy, insecure, 16 year old girl.
It all changes when she meets 7 friends.
She will have the best year until her dad comes to take her away.
And crime, murder, and disaster begins.


12. Sleepover

      The next day, mom went to Oregon to go visit my aunt for 5 days. So I was home alone. I called everyone over except Delilah and Ridge. They were still in the hospital. Once everyone was here we ate pizza and then we all watched Titanic. It was the only thing on. Me and Jordan cuddled beside each other. Sadie and Scott were on the other side. Jess and Tyler sat on the chairs. There was a phone call. I got up and answered it. "Hello?" I asked. All I heard was breathing. I hung up. Then looked at the time. 6:30pm. I went back in the living room and layed beside Jordan. I heard thunder and lightning. Then the power went out. Me and Jess screamed. I held onto Jordan. I saw a light in the window. "What the hell is that?" I asked, hiding behind Jordan. The phone rung. I answered. "Hello?" I walked into the living room. The person screamed into the phone. "I'm ALREADY HERE ELAINE. Sleep with one eye open tonight." the phone was on speaker so they heard. Jordan looked confused. Tyler ran over to me and grabbed the phone. "Who is this?" he asked. "Unknown Caller." his voice was very creepy. I held onto Jordan's arm.

I went in my room and was getting in my pajama's then I saw someone outside. The window breaks. I scream. I was only in my bra and denims. Everyone ran in and the girls scream. I was held by some man. Jordan punched the man. Tyler grabbed me and held me in his arms. The man fought back. He tackled Tyler. I screamed. Scott ran to me. he picked me up and ran. He stopped in my mother's room. He lays me on the bed. He was breathing heavily. He took my shirt and slipped it on me. He pulled me up. He tried to call 911 but it wouldn't work. I heard a scream so I ran into my room. Tyler was on the ground, stabbed. I dropped beside him, Scott took off his shirt and held it onto Tyler's stomach. The man grabbed me and pushed me onto the wall. He stabbed me in the stomach and chest.


I fell on the floor. "ELAINE!" Jordan yelled. He took off his shirt and held pressure on my chest where I was stabbed. I heard Ridge's voice in my head over and over. He better take care of you...UGH. I cried in pain. Jordan had tears running down his face. Finally 911 would pick up. The ambulance comes and picks up me and Tyler. I was sent to the hospital. Jordan sat by me the whole way there, holding my hand. I could hear him pray.


I was on the gurney heading into the room.



I was sitting in my room with Delilah and the nurse runs in. "You know Elaine Hutcherson and Tyler Martin right?" she asked. "Yeah. They are my friends..." I say. "Well unfortunately, they were stabbed by an intruder." the nurse says. I jump out of my bed and run into the next room. There she was. My princess laying in a hospital bed, with nurses all around. I bust in the door. Jordan was holding her hand. "JORDAN! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!?!?!" I asked furiously, knocking over plants. I ran to Elaine. She was bleeding to death. "I TOLD YOU TO TAKE CARE OF HER!!!" I yell. Jordan stood up. His face was splotchy and teary. "I tried. I tried Ridge. She's the love of my life. I'd take my life for her." he said. Elaine woke up. She held onto Jordan's hand. She screamed in pain. The doctors surrounded her. "EVERYONE GET OUT!" Tyler was awake and watching Elaine in fear. Jordan stayed. He pushed through the nurses. "Elaine! Elaine!" He shouted. Me and him were pushed out.




Jordan's POV

I punched the wall and fell into a chair. No. Elaine. I loved her. Is she going to die? I started crying. Scott stood in the middle of the hall. Hands over his eyes. Delilah, Jess, and Sadie were crying. I looked in the door, and saw Tyler. He was ok I looked at Elaine and doctors started to walk away. One ran and opened the door. "She's ok lads." the doctor said. We walked in and I ran to Elaine. She was awake. I hugged her.


Elaine's POV

I woke up and Jordan ran to me and hugged me. I hugged him back. Oh no. Here comes Ridge. He ran over to me and kissed my hand. "What happened?" Ridge asked. "Someone came in the house..." I say, still shooken by what had happened. "It was when I was getting dressed, and he broke in my window. he grabbed me and held me back while Jordan, Scott, Tyler, and the girls came in. Tyler tried to pull me away but the man stabbed him. And then he stabbed me." I said. My voice shook and tears were streaming down my face. Ridge hugged me. I cried into his shoulder. Delilah started to rub my back. "Jordan...I trusted you." Ridge said angrily. "I TRIED Ridge! I told you, I would've taken my LIFE for her." Jordan yelled as he walked over to me. I lifted my head and wiped my eyes. Jordan kissed my cheek. "He did his best Ridge." I say, as I grab onto Jordan's hand. Ridge shook his head and walked out and slammed the door. "We better call your mom." Jordan said as he pulled out his phone. He gave it to me. I dialed Mom's number. "Hello?" she answered. "Hey mom it's Elaine. Uhm..I'm in the hospital right now." I said. "To visit Ridge?" she asked. "No. Someone broke into the my room when I was changing and the man kind of, stabbed me and Tyler. But we are ok right now." I said, feeling the need to cry. "Oh My gosh! I will be over there as soon as possible!" Mom said. She hung up. I gave the phone to Jordan. "I wonder what dad is gonna think of this." I said.

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