Elaine Hutcherson is a shy, insecure, 16 year old girl.
It all changes when she meets 7 friends.
She will have the best year until her dad comes to take her away.
And crime, murder, and disaster begins.


2. My New Friends

   The party was today and I was nervous. I took a hot shower. The water burned my skin. But I loved the feeling. I wash my hair and my body, rinse, and get out. I dry myself with the towel and walk into my closet. I pick out a above the knee dress. It was dark purple and flowy. It was strapless and had a tie in the back. I got mom to tie it in a bow. I went in the bathroom and put the curling cream in my hair. Once my hair was fully air-dried, the spiral curls looked beautiful as they bounce off my back. I put on some eyeliner, grayish eye-shadow and some concealer. I put on my black tie-up boots with the heels. I tie them up and get on the golf cart. Mom was already down there. So I drove around the corner and down the hill to the shed. I parked and looked at a group of boys sitting on a picnic table, with some standing by them.  I smile and turn the golfcart off. I get up and go over to Mom. She smiled. "I saw those boys looking at you." Mom whispered. She giggled as I roll my eyes. I sat at a table alone. Two girls walk up to me. They smile. "Hi." one said. "I'm Sadie, and this is Delilah..." Sadie says. "Hi." I say back. Sadie had long straight brown hair. Delilah had long dirty blonde hair. They smile. "So...What's your name?" Delilah asks. "Elaine." I say. "Pretty!" Sadie shouts. Delilah smiles. The boys look over at us and start to smile. "Oh my god." Sadie whispers. "They are staring!" I start to feel my cheeks turn pink. I look down at my phone, ignoring their nervousness in their smiles. Delilah pushes her nerd glasses closer to her face. Sadie takes out a piece of gum. I look up from my phone and the boys weren't looking. Sadie and Delilah noticed and carried on our conversation. "Those boys are Ridge, Tyler, Jordan, and Scott." Delilah says quietly.


      Ridge was the funny bad-boy. His adorable green eyes and stick straight, light brown hair. Scott was the serious one. Jordan was hilarious and was a redneck. Then Tyler. A stunning blue eyed, boy. He was serious, funny, and scatterbrained at the same time. Delilah stared at Ridge. Sadie rolled her eyes playfully. I laugh a little. "We also hang out with this other girl named Jess." Sadie pointed to a girl about my height, with a light skin tone and wavy brown hair with freckles splattered around her nose. Jess waved and ran over. "Hey. This is Elaine. She's our new friend." Sadie said. Jess smiles sweetly. "Hi Elaine.". We probably talked for 30 minutes until the music started to play. I was shocked by the genre...Classic Rock. Bon Jovi came on. Me and my Dad's favorite song. "Oh my god! This song is so perfect." Sadie says, laughing. "I love it." I say. We sing along. "Living on a prayer! Take my hand, and we'll make it I swear, WOAAH OH living on a prayer!" Tyler and Jordan walked past us smiling.


    Jess blushed. "Oh my god...." Delilah whispered happily. The four of us drank Coke and talked non-stop about music and embarrassing moments.

Before I knew it, I was doing the Biker Shuffle with my new friends. Thy were the most nicest people I have ever met. They accepted me and immediately liked me. Jess, all she did was smile and said hi and we instantly became friends. I guess I'm not so shy anymore.

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