Elaine Hutcherson is a shy, insecure, 16 year old girl.
It all changes when she meets 7 friends.
She will have the best year until her dad comes to take her away.
And crime, murder, and disaster begins.


9. My Lovely Princess

-----Elaine's POV----- I woke up beside Ridge on his couch. It was 3:00 in the morning. I was scared mom would get mad so I left. As I stepped on the porch there was a note on the ground that had my name written on it in blue ink. It said: Elaine, I really want to talk to you. Meet me on the beach at 7 in the morning. -Tyler.


        I went home and fell asleep until 6:45. I undressed and put on a green spaghetti strap dress. I put on some sparkly flip flops and fixed my hair then left.


     I found him sitting on a log when I got there. I sat beside him. "Hey." I said. "Hey.." he replied. "Elaine...All of us guys like you. Scott is already going out with Sadie...But me, Jordan, and Ridge...Like you." he said, grabbing my hand. I just sat there, not saying a word. "But...I can only go out with one." I said. Tyler looked at his feet then back at me. "Elaine...Jordan is depressed...I caught him in the kitchen trying to cut himself..." Tyler said. "What?" I reply sadly. "Yeah. He got in a fight with Ridge AND Scott..." This was all I could take right now. I was so confused. "I'm gonna go see Ridge..." I say as I walk away. He grabs my hand. "Elaine..." he says. "I'm gonna warn you, right now. Because Ridge, isn't the guy you think he is." I pulled my hand back. "Oh right..." I walked away, upset from what had happened. I ran to Ridge's. I knocked on his door. I heard yelling and banging. I inched closer toward the door. "RIDGE?" I yell. I hear another slam, and something shatter. "Ridge!?!?! RIDGE WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!"  I yell again, banging on the door. He opens it...he was covered in blood and bruised up. Beside him was Jordan... Even worse than he was. "What the hell did you guys do?" I asked, hugging Ridge. "Elaine..." Jordan started, but Ridge continued. "We..Got in a fight." he said. I stop hugging him. I started to rub his arm, where he'd wrote my name at. "Why?" I ask. "Ask the idiot who decides to throw a vase at me." Ridge said pointing to Jordan. "Jordan...Wh-why did you throw a va-" "Because I loved you Elaine. I love you." he interrupted. I stood there like a baffled idiot waiting for Ridge to say something. "I'm sorry baby..." Ridge said pulling me close. Jordan walked out the door.


     I stood by Ridge in the bathroom, cleaning up his wounds. He looked up at me. "This is all a big mistake..." he says. He winces in pain as I start to clean the one on his upper arm. "It's ok..." I say softly. Once I was done, Ridge hugged me for a long time.


     We sat on the couch, side by side. "Ridge...What if we were to break up? Tyler and Jordan would want me then, then everything would be messed and I-" "Babe...I want to be with you. I don't wanna break up." he interrupted. I loved when guys did that. "I know Tyler and Jordan like me..." I said. "Tyler talked to me this morning on the beach." Ridge looked suspicious and a little jealous. "About?" "About him and Jordan liking me." I said. "Angel...Tyler can be a jerk, ok? I don't want him to hurt you. And Jordan...He fights about everything." he says pulling me onto his lap. I lay my head on his shoulder and let all the pain drift away slowly. But it still hurt.


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