Elaine Hutcherson is a shy, insecure, 16 year old girl.
It all changes when she meets 7 friends.
She will have the best year until her dad comes to take her away.
And crime, murder, and disaster begins.


8. Dealing With Denial (SEXUAL SCENES, MATURE ONLY)

   "So then Ridge asked me out." I said in the phone. Delilah sighs. "I'm sorry." I say. "No. Ridge is a jerk to Jordan, I kind of feel bad." Delilah said. I smile. "I know." I say. "Well I'm gonna go now. Bye Elaine. Oh! Ridge wanted me to tell you to meet him at our spot on the beach tomorrow at 10am.." I smile. "Ok. Bye" we hung up. I collapse on my bed and fall asleep. I wake up at 9:30 and get dressed into my denim shorts, cream tank top with rhinestones on the lower part, gray converses, and a cream beanie. I walked out and met Ridge. "Hey babe.." he says. I run into his arms. "Hey." we start to walk down the beach. I could feel his green eyes on my body. I cross my arms and acted cold when really, I wanted him to stop staring at my boobs. He notices my actions and put his jacket on me. What a gentleman. He starts to get a good look at me. I felt nauseous.

   We rode back to his house on his golf cart. When we got there, I took off his jacket and gave it to him. We sat on the couch, very close to each other. My hand falls into his and I feel terrible. :Is something wrong babe?" he asks me. "Nothing. I'm ok..." I rub my bare arms and look at Ridge. He wraps his arm around me. "I'm really sorry for all that happened...Between me and Jordan. I j-just love you a lot...I couldn't help it." he said. "I love how much you apologize. And I still am upset but it's ok now." I say. He hugs me. I lay my head on his chest and we fall asleep on his couch.


      -------JORDAN'S POV------

        I walk up to Elaine's door and knock. A smaller lady appeared. Very beautiful like Elaine. She had straight hair though, running down to her shoulders and brown eyes like Elaine's. This was her mother. "May I help you?" she asks. "Is Elaine here?" I ask. "No. She's at her boyfriend's I think." Her mom says, pointing to Ridge's house. "Want me to tell her to talk to you whenever she's back?" I shake my head. "No...It's ok." I walked off the steps and to Tyler's house.

        I knock on Tyler's door. He opened. "Hey. What's up? I heard about you and Ridge." Tyler walked out and stepped on the porch with me. "You have a right to feel this way. She's beautiful...But Ridge loves her dude. Me and Scott thinks she's pretty too. Oh well. We can't go with her because of you and Ridge." Tyler says as he looks toward Ridge's house. "I know..." I said. "I'm gonna go spy in the window, wanna come?" I ask. "Oh sure." We both run to Ridge's and look in the living room window. We see Ridge and Elaine. Elaine laying beside him, both of them cuddled close beside each other asleep, under a blanket. I look at Tyler and his face went blank. He looks at me sadly. I walked off and went to my house.




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