Elaine Hutcherson is a shy, insecure, 16 year old girl.
It all changes when she meets 7 friends.
She will have the best year until her dad comes to take her away.
And crime, murder, and disaster begins.


11. Breaking of Ridge

   The next day. Me and Ridge stayed on the beach. We cuddled on towels, played in the waves, went surfing, and ate lunch, then took a walk. Now once again we were on our towels. I lay in his arms. "Baby...I want you to know that I really love you. But I am giving you and Jordan a chance. I think I need to help him out.." he says grabbing my arm. "Ridge...That's so sweet." I said. "Yeah. he loved you first. He wouldn't stop talking about you. The way your hair curls, the way you smile and laugh..." Ridge said. I start to giggle. "See." he says, smiling. "Ridge..Delilah and you are perfect together. You guys should go out..." I say. "No. I'm staying free until I know my baby is safe." Ridge laughs, hugging me.  We kiss, one last time. "Bye Ridge..." I say as I'm walking away.

      I run to Jordan's house. I knock on the door. He opens it. "Jordan...Ridge broke up with me." I say, with a tear running down my cheek. Why am I crying? I wipe it. He inches closer to me and hugs me. I see Tyler sitting on his front steps looking at us. "I'm sorry Elaine.." he says. "Well now that you're free...I mean, single. Uhm...I wanted to uh, ask you...Would you be my girlfriend?" he asked, giving me a silver necklace with a small heart on it. "Yes. I'd love to.." I hugged him. "It's beautiful Jordan." I said, as he put in on me. He clipped it then kissed my cheek.

      We took a walk after that, on the beach. It was evening and the waves were really calm. We were walking side by side...Awkward...Then we grabbed hands and held hands, walking down further. We reached the spot and there sat Scott, Tyler, and Sadie. Sadie was holding Scott's hand and Tyler sat awkwardly by him self. Sadie's eyes grew huge. "You guys...Are....Oh my god..." she said. Scott laughed. "Awww shit's gonna go down tonight." Scott laughed as he spoke. Everyone's eyes got big. I looked at Jordan and he was blushing. "OOOOOO!" Sadie and Scott yelled. "Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss." They chanted. I put my hands on Jordan's chest, stood on my tip-toes and kissed him. "Sexy" Scott and Tyler mumbled. Jordan grabbed my waist and then kissed me. "Ok. Enough you two love birds." Scott said, wrapping his arm around Sadie. Tyler looked up at me and Jordan and smiled. "We are going to go hunting tomorrow right?" he asked. "Yeah." Jordan replied as he held my hand. "So all the guys are going?" Sadie asked disappointed. "Aww...The girls can come. I don't think Ridge is coming...." Scott said. "He probably hates me." Jordan said. "Well he said he trusted you to take care of me, so, he doesn't hate you." I said.


      We talked a little longer about tomorrow. "The girls can stay in the truck ad do their thing, while we hunt." Tyler says. "Uhm...No!" Sadie said, rolling her eyes. "We are going to watch." she said proudly, taking Scott's bright orange hat. "Ok, well when you see a poor little deer get shot and lay there dead, don't be crying to us." Tyler said. "Actually, I can handle it. My dad hunts all the time. But when I smell something gross...I'm gone." I said. "Your dad lives in North Carolina right?" Jordan asked. "Yeah. I grew up there. Then mom found a nursing job here where she'd get paid bigger money." I said. "That's cool." Tyler said. "She probably sees the strangest injuries..." I shook my head. "She helps deliver babies." everyone's eyes went huge. "Then she sees worse." Scott said. Sadie elbowed him.


  We all rode Jordan's golf cart back to the neighborhood. Jordan drove, I sat by him, Tyler sat by me and Scott and Sadie sat in the back. When we got there Jordan dropped off everyone then I was last. He pulled beside my house. "Elaine..." I was dozed off until I heard my name. "Huh?" I asked. "I'm still sorry about what happened between me and Ridge. I caused all this trouble...But I would, for you." He said romantically. "Aw...That's so sweet..." I said. We hugged for a long time. I saw my mom at the door watching, with her hand over her heart. "Uhm. Jordan. My mom is watching..." I whispered in his ear as his hands started to go lower down my back. He let go. "Bye Elaine...I love you." he said. "Love you too. See you tomorrow.." I said. I walk inside. Mom smiles. "A new one, eh?" she asks. "I love this one better mom." I said. "He's cute." Mom gushed. I rolled my eyes. "I'm going with them hunting tomorrow. So I better get to bed." I said. "Ok, goodnight." she said. I walked to my room.


      I woke up to knocking at the door. I heard mom answer. I sat straight up and listened. I heard a very familiar voice. But it was panicky. Jordan... I got up and ran to the door. Jordan was crying. No sound, just a few tears. "Ridge, he is unconscious...Hurry.." Jordan said. Me and mom ran out and into Ridge's house. He lay there, beat to death. I bent down beside him. "What happened?" I asked. "I don't know." Jordan said. Scott ran in, and Sadie, and Tyler, and Delilah. My mom went and called 911. Ridge woke up while they were on the way. He grabbed me and Delilah's hand as we waited. They were running very late so we decided to see what went on. "Pull his shirt off Elaine." Mom ordered. I pulled it off then rubbed my fingers over huge bruises and scars. Ridge winced in pain. "He got beat up..." I said. After 10 minutes, still no ambulance. Mom called again. She hung up furiously. "Come on, we gotta drive. The ambulance wrecked." she said. Jordan and Tyler helped pick up Ridge and put him laying across the back seats of my mom's car. Mom and Sadie sat in the front, me and Jordan stayed in the back. Delilah and Scott drove separate.



      We got to the hospital and Ridge was carried by Tyler and Jordan. The nurses met us and we put him on a gurney thing and wheeled him to a room. We put him in the bed. It was 3 in the morning and we were tired. Mom went home and called some parents to let them know that Ridge was beaten by his parents. The only people who remained in the room was me and Jordan and Ridge. Ridge was awake, but very quiet. "Guys...I'm hurting." Ridge said. "Where?" Jordan asked. "Everywhere... My parents didn't beat me...They left me. A few weeks ago. And I got upset tonight because...." he started crying. "I...I missed you Elaine." he said. I looked at Jordan, then at Ridge. "I'm not going to ruin it.." Ridge said. "You guys are perfect together. I want Elaine to be happy..." he told Jordan. Jordan nodded. "I'm trusting you Jordan...If you hurt her, it's going down." he said punching his hand. We all laughed.

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