My days

This is just whats going on in my life i will be using generic names tho...please enjoy my life storys!!


2. oct.25 2013

Today patrick answered me with a note that said no.I went to my first period and had to go to the restroom to cry.He later gave me a note that said' I'm sorry i said no, i said no because we have no classes together and not the same lunch.and i also don't like to date.i am actually trying to keep my grades up and not worry about dating.I'm actually reading now and i don't want to date right now.I'm so sorry,Patrick.

PS i like us as friends and ever since i said no Reina* has been slapping me.if we had dated it would be weird because we would never see each other.I'm glad you asked me tho.'this made me very happy and he said next semester when we have classes together maybe we could date.

*Reina is my best friend

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