My Five Amazing Mentors (1D)

Rachel winters is a sixteen year old, a girl that doesn’t fit in anywhere a small girl with a big voice and an even bigger heart is a student at the academy of preforming arts in Sydney Australia trying to become the next teen star to break in to the music industry but the odds are stacked against her in more ways than one , so when she sees a school compition where she has the chance to move to London and to be mentored by some of the biggest people in music such as Cher Lloyd Ed Sheeran Demi Lovato Taylor swift One Direction And Big Time Rush she Jumps at the chance, what happens when she gets the chance of a lifetime, a story about chasing your dreams letting loose finding your voice fitting in standing out and maybe Just maybe Falling in love.


3. Meeting the Mentors

Sometime into the trip I fell asleep because when Riley wakes me the bus is sitting in front of plaza.

Where are we RI?
Love this is we’re we are staying and good news me and you got the penthouse apartments with our mentors while tyrant and Monica got one of the lower floors.

Finally something good to come out of this.

Ya know what they say good things happen to those who wait, now come on, and on the other side of those doors are our mentors now come get your bags.

We jump of the bus and grab our bags and walk into the lobby where Monica is complaining to Miss Watson

I don’t see why that bitch is here in the first place and why she got One Direction as her mentors I mean she can’t even right a decent song much less sing.

Monica don’t be a spoiled brat Rachel and riley earned there spot.

Monica looks over toward us and I wave.

Right you three your mentors will be down here in a minute and I want you all on your best behaviour and I will check with them so no disrespecting them in any no hooking up or dating the boys Rachel Monica and rest assured if anything does seem askew I will send you on the first plane home. She is looking right at Monica y when she says this.

Right so people I just got a text that Cher Ed and One Direction are on their way down.

I stand there jumping up and down on the inside because coming down the stairs is One Direction with Cher and Ed.

Hi were One Direction, I’m Cher and I’m Ed

They all introduce themselves and shake hands with Miss Watson

Miss Watson nice to meet you I am the students’ supervisor for this trip and they will all be on their best behaviour but if you do have any problems please don’t hesitate to come and find me. Now Riley I believe that you are paired with Mr Sheeran Monica you are with Cher Lloyd and Rachel you are with the boys of one direction

Listen Guys Dinner is at six so follow you mentors and get settled in and then meet down here at six.

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