My Five Amazing Mentors (1D)

Rachel winters is a sixteen year old, a girl that doesn’t fit in anywhere a small girl with a big voice and an even bigger heart is a student at the academy of preforming arts in Sydney Australia trying to become the next teen star to break in to the music industry but the odds are stacked against her in more ways than one , so when she sees a school compition where she has the chance to move to London and to be mentored by some of the biggest people in music such as Cher Lloyd Ed Sheeran Demi Lovato Taylor swift One Direction And Big Time Rush she Jumps at the chance, what happens when she gets the chance of a lifetime, a story about chasing your dreams letting loose finding your voice fitting in standing out and maybe Just maybe Falling in love.


2. London we have Arrived

The sound of ringing wakes me from my sleep and moaning I roll over and turn off my alarm and sit up to see that Riley is up dressed and our bags are gone.

Morning Sleepy head up and at them big day ahead.

Shut up RI its four am how are you up and so damn perky

The Fact that Ed Sheeran is my mentor and I get to meet him in a matter of hours and coffee a lot of coffee.

And you should get ready to meet the five people that make you happy.

I bounce out of bed change and then take the coffee that Riley holds out for me grab my hand bag and then walk out the door to the bus.

Hey Riley who is the teacher that is coming with us to London.

Uhh Rachel Ms Watson is coming with us but so is Monica she got Cher Lloyd.

Well shit this going to be a fun trip with the evil bitch. But we have Miss Watson so it should be fun.

Hey Rachel winters look at me ok this is our year to make it and I am here for you always & you get to work with your five idols don’t let Bitch get to you.


One bus/plane trip hundreds of comments and a speech of how I am worthless later I get off the plane with Riley earphones in stressed and mad.

Riley grabs my hand and we walk into airport where Miss Watson gives us orders and then pulls me to the side for a private chat.

Rachel Dear I know what you went through to get here and I wanted to let you know that I am personally rooting for you to win because to be honest I don’t like Monica at all. 

Thanks Miss Watson I give her a hug and run back to Riley and get on the bus to the hotel  thinking about the months to come and the fun times that were sure to happen.

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