I'm Done

If I disappear no one will notice. What will happen if I die? Nothing. Because no one will care. Even if they do, they will feel relief that i'm gone. No one will ever save me if I jump off a cliff or try to commit suicide.... and i'm done with it all! Why should I be alive if no one wants me? I shouldn't and I won't starting in three...two.......one!


2. What the Hell?

Alex's POV:

I grab my backpack and catch a taxi to school. My mom is too cheep to buy a car for me and i'm broke. I listen to train on my way there. I love that band! It's my favorite, like my opinion matters. I try to change the song and then I see my cuts. This brings back memories


" Honey, please we can work this out!" My mom screams at my dad as he starts to pack up and leave."No Linda! I'm never going to stay with a person who repetitively cheats on me!" My dad angrily screams back. My dad quickly rushes over to me while I try to hold back tears. I love my dad and I would do anything for him. I just want him to stay with me. He hands me a silver locket says forever in the shape of a heart on it. I open it up and it has my favorite picture of me and him. A couple tears rush down my face as my father says, "Honey, always stay strong and never let anyone get to you!" he said as he left and never came back or called. He didn't even write. He was gone.

        ********FLASHBACK OVER*********

  A couple tears rush down my face. The man stopped the car and said "Here we are miss." I quickly got out and began up the high school stairs. I try to walk through the halls unnoticed but fail. Delaney walks over and so does her stupid little posy.

 I try to ignore them but god dammit they talk too loud." Shit." I say under my breath as they come closer to me. " Hey everybody! Look at the little loser!"

She said and slapped my books and stuff down. Everybody around me laughs except a few boys maybe about two or three. " What the hell?" I say agitated. " What I didn't hear you. Probably because I don't care!"

Ugh I hate her so much. I look around. No one will help me. I'm alone. THe teachers don't care, neither does the principle. My mom would just yell at me and tell me to grow up. Why don't I just end my life? It would so much easier.

Niall's POV:

 Wow! 6:55 and people are already bullying sweet innocent girls. I wish I could stand up for them. I would be Niall the Hero! Yeah I like the sound of that! I wish I could be that strong guy that everybody loves! Okay I can do this Niall! I can do this!

 " What do you think your doing?" I say angrily. Inside I feel awesome until the bully slaps me in the face. I get up and quickly look at my opponents. Well, let's see... there's a whore, a hoe, and a self-centered cheerleader. Hmmmmm.

  "Gurllllllll." one of the hoes says. "What?" the cheerleader replies annoyed. The hoe pointed to the teacher and everybody scattered except me and the girl who was getting bullied.

 I quickly rush over there. She's very attractive if I do say so myself.

Alex's POV:

A blonde boy rushes over to me and helps my up. He's very cute. I wonder why he's being so nice to me. No one even notices me. " You alright there love?" He said with a cute irish accent. " Just peachy!" I say sarcastically. " Oh well I'm very sorry those mean and stupid girls were bothering you!"

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