I'm Done

If I disappear no one will notice. What will happen if I die? Nothing. Because no one will care. Even if they do, they will feel relief that i'm gone. No one will ever save me if I jump off a cliff or try to commit suicide.... and i'm done with it all! Why should I be alive if no one wants me? I shouldn't and I won't starting in three...two.......one!


3. So Sweet Yet so Sour

Alex's POV:

" It's fine. They can't help it. They're naturally bitches." I say as he chuckles a bit."So what class are you going to?" He asks trying to start a conversation. " World History with Mr. Pickle."I say laughing a bit at his name.He laughs too. This is perfect! Somebody is actually talking to me and he's HOT! He his so sweet!" Hey well nice meeting yah but I got to go to class. See yah later!" Well that was more on the sour side!

 Awe this sucks! I can tell he's a goody-goody. Ugh. Aren't there any guys that are actually bad? I doubt it. I bet the Irish guy only talked to me because of a dare. Yep that's it he was just using me! Well you know what?I'm gonna ditch and go kill myself. I'm done with all of this! I go to my locker and get my stuff. I walk towards the doors but I feel like somethings missing. Oh right! How could I forget?

 I quickly walk to the front desk lady and say " Excuse me?" " Yeeeessss?" she said very weirdly with her eyes still on the computer. When she finally looks at me I pop up the finger. Ha stupid son of bitch!

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