My Soldier

My duty was to fight for my country fight for the man I love even if it costs my life even if I lose him forever... Hope you enjoy this Movella it's an inspiring journy for Kaite Styles. Join her on her journy to fight to the death. Will She die? Will she live? Read to find out!


10. Blue Tears fall. Part 2....

"NOOOO!!!!"I screamed. I pushed Julia to the ground. The gun fell out of her hand. "Why would you want to shoot Harry!!!!??!!",I screamed.  I slapped her. I grabbed the gun and I did something I know I would regret forever... I shot my sister in the head. "Katie!",Harry screamed. "MOMMYYY!!!",Sarah screamed. I ran to both of them and cried while I hugged them ever so tightly. "I'm so sorry Katie I didn't want to end up hurt or any of us hurt I was scar-" I cut him off with a kiss. "Don't worry about it it's fine now." He smiled and kissed me again. "Oh Sarah!",I say.I kiss her forehead. I pick her up and put her in bed. I walk to the living room the dial 911.

"Katie!",my mother and father scream. I hug them tightly. "Are you okay?" "Did she hurt you?",they both ask."No I'm fine and Yes I'm fine.",I say. I let my parents stay at my place that night. Harry and I never left each other's site. He won't leave my side. I'm not allowed to go any where with out him. The boys came over the next day. I was so happy to see them again. It was great. I was upset though because I keep thinking about the day I will have to leave everyone behind and fight in bloody battles! I will miss them but I know I am fighting for them. I keep telling Harry I love him. I really do just today I think I said I love about a thousand times. He smiled and said I love you too baby.  I will never be the same again after shooting my sister I keep waking up and screaming every night. I sometimes go days with out talking. Harry is worried,I can tell. Sarah is staying with my parents for 3 weeks because they thought Harry and I need sometime alone how could I say no? I miss her a lot though. Harry and I have had a great time together. Some things I can't say that we did  it's not appropriate.... Ha-Ha! But Harry and I have had a wonderful time so don't worry. I actually think of Harry as a best friend. I love him a lot we went shopping the other day and he bought me 2 necklace's that said I love you on it have a look at it!


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