My Soldier

My duty was to fight for my country fight for the man I love even if it costs my life even if I lose him forever... Hope you enjoy this Movella it's an inspiring journy for Kaite Styles. Join her on her journy to fight to the death. Will She die? Will she live? Read to find out!


9. Blue Tears Fall. Part 1....

                             *********2 Days Later**********

"Harry!!",I yell. "Hm?",He yells back. "Can you get Sarah some milk?!",I yell. "Yes!",he replies.I smile while applying my eyeliner. "Where's my lip stick?",I mumble to myself. "Oh.",I say as I pick up my lip stick. "Hey I need to go out with the boys tonight. I asked Lou if she could come by and watch Sarah like I did when you were gone." ,Harry said. "Oh mkay.",I reply. I sigh. "What?",He asks. "Nothing.",I say. Harry's phone beeps. I gotta take this.",He says. I walk to my closet to find something to wear. I pick out a neon pink shirt,black skinny jeans,a black leather jacket,and my black heel boots. I walk down stairs and find Harry talking to some  girl. I hide behind a wall so they can't see me. "So Julia are we still on for tonight babe?",Harry asked. JULIA! THAT'S MY SISTER JULIA!!! "Oh yeah you know it!",she says excitedly. Harry kisses her and smiles. "See you then my darling.",Harry says. I feel the tears fall. He's cheating he married me doesn't he remember and he told me he wouldn't let Julia get between us and guess what SHE GOT BETWEEN US! I run up stairs and slammed my bed room door. No doubt in my mind he heard that. I scream into a pillow and cry my eyes out. I run to the bathroom and do something I shouldn't have. I feel the blade slice my wrist and I scream. "KATIE!",Harry screams. I crawl to the closet and then it all went black.....
Death is a wonderful option I see white every where. I hear someone calling my name..."KATIE WAKE UP COME ON!!" I feel the voice getting louder. I sit up quickly. "Katie!",Harry says and hugs me tightly. I just sit there. "You cheated.",I say. He gives me a confused look. "I saw you kiss Julia.",I say. I sit up and hold my wrist tightly. Harry grabs my hand and pulls it away. I see the hurt in his eyes. "Why? Katie....",He says. I slap him. "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!",I scream. "I'm sorry! Julia means nothing to me! I swear!",He says. "Oh Harold.."I hear a girl say. "You shouldn't have said that you know what is going to happen right?",She says with a devilish smile on her face. I begin to feel nervous. "No Please Julia!",Harry protests.
I hear a bloody scream and I turn and gasp and scream. "NOOOOO!!!!",I scream!

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