My Soldier

My duty was to fight for my country fight for the man I love even if it costs my life even if I lose him forever... Hope you enjoy this Movella it's an inspiring journy for Kaite Styles. Join her on her journy to fight to the death. Will She die? Will she live? Read to find out!


6. 2 days later!!!!

I wait....I wait to open the door of the airplane. I can't wait to see him. "Okay. You may go Katie.",says Mary. Mary is one of the generals. I get up. I walk to the door. I glance back at my team, my family.  I open the door and I finally feel the cold air. I smiles. He's only 3 miles away from me! I open my car door. I smile then I feel a fresh tear on my cheek. "I'm coming my lovelies.",I say to myself.
I open the car door I silently close it. It's time Katie. It's time to see the family.  To be honest here I am so freaking nervous right now!! I walk to the front door I slip on my coat real quick so he won't know who I am. I put on my hoodie. I ring the door bell. I suddenly hear my darling Sarah. "Um Hi there.",Harry says. "Well hellooo my love.",I say in a manly voice. He looks at me with a confused look. "I love you.",I say manly again. He walks back to the door. I quickly take off my hoodie. He looks back. "Oh MY GOD!",he says. He walks slowly up to me. I cup his face in my hands. And like a little baby I begin to cry a little. "Is this a dream? Is this a prank?",he asks. "No it's not I'm really here with you. Now kiss me.",I say. He pushes his lips to mine. It feels like it's the first time again. Our lips move in sink. We both pull away at the same time. "I missed that so much.",I said. He smiled. "So can I do it again?",he asks with a smirk.  I smile. "Yes." he pushes his lips against mine again. He wraps his arms around my waist.  I hear Sarah come outside I pull away from the kiss. "Sarah!",I say. She smiles. "Mommy!!",she says like a big girl. She runs up to me and hugs me. I smile I pick her up and kiss her cheek. "I missed you my darling.",I say. "GWAH!",she says. I giggle. "Come inside love. Don't be shy.",Harry says with a smirk. "Haha shy! No way!",I say. "I can't believe I'm here.",I say. "Same here.",Harry says. I yawn. "Tired?",he asks. Kinda. "Go rest Sarah is going to take a nap anyway. I will go in there afterwards. I'm tired too.",he says. "Are you sure? I can put her to bed.",I say. "No,No love it's fine go rest. I will go get your bags so you can change.",he explains. "No I'll go your doing so much already love.",I say and with that I walk out so he wouldn't say 'No,no I can do it' I don't want him to over work it. I love him and he needs to know I can do stuff too. I get my bags and,I drag them to the house. I walk to the bedroom. I lay my bags on the bed and begin unpacking. I change into some Stretchy shorts and a T-shirt that says Mrs.Styles on it. Isn't that funny! I go to the bathroom to put on a little make-up. Don't judge,I wanna look nice I haven't seen my Harry in 4 months. I brush my hair to reveal my waves. I smile. I here the door shut to our bed room. I walk to the bed I see Harry in  the closet I smile. I come up behind Harry I wrap my arms around his torso. I here him chuckle. He turns around and kisses me.  "You look very tired love.",he explains. "I am a little.",I say. "Lay down love,I will lay with you.",He says. I unfold the sheets of the bed and lay down. Harry is already falling asleep. I kiss his cheek and fall into a peaceful sleep.

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