My Soldier

My duty was to fight for my country fight for the man I love even if it costs my life even if I lose him forever... Hope you enjoy this Movella it's an inspiring journy for Kaite Styles. Join her on her journy to fight to the death. Will She die? Will she live? Read to find out!


14. 11 years later. (LAST CHAPTER)

Harry's POV
I walked to the grave and laid 2 bunches of roses on it. "I love you still I always will.",I said. "I miss you mum I know I barely had any time with you but I love you.",Sarah said. Sarah is 13 now I am 30 and still unhappy she didn't deserve it. No ever deserves it that's just life. One Day Katie and I will be reunited again.

Katie you are forever in paradise.....

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