My Soldier

My duty was to fight for my country fight for the man I love even if it costs my life even if I lose him forever... Hope you enjoy this Movella it's an inspiring journy for Kaite Styles. Join her on her journy to fight to the death. Will She die? Will she live? Read to find out!


11. 1 day left with the family...

I walk to my bedroom and see Harry sitting on the bed staring at the floor. "I know.",I say. He looks at me with a tear falling from his eye. I walk to him and I give him a hug."Don't worry I will be back soon just 4 months okay? Just 4 months.",I say. I didn't realize 4 months is a long time to him. I kiss him.  "I am really going to miss you Katie a lot.",He says. "Knock Knock you two!!!",Louis screams. "Louis!!!!",I yell I run up and hug him. "KATIE!!!!!",3 more boys yell. "BOYS!!",I scream. I give them all big hugs. "So sense you are leaving we wanted to give you a gift.",Niall said. "Oh no. I don't want you guys wasting your money on silly old me!",I say. "Shhh Katie. Just come look!",Liam says. I follow them outside and find a brand new.... "A CAR!",I scream. "Thank you,Thank You,and THANK YOU!!!",I scream. I run and hug them. I get my phone out and get on Twitter to post a pic of my new car!  

                            @Katie_Styles OMG Thank you so much! @OneDirection
****************************************************1 hour later********************************************
Niall and Louis were helping me pack my stuff for tomorrow. I smiled as the helped. It took us about 40 minutes to pack. I went down stairs and saw Harry crying I hid behind a wall. "What am I going to do Liam?! I can't let her go! I still haven't told her yet!",Harry said. I slowly walk up stairs. "Oh Katie we didn't see you!",Liam said. "Oh what?! I was just coming to get some water but I saw that you two were talking so...",I said. "Katie we need to talk.",Harry said. "O-Okay...",I said. I walked to the living room and sat next to Harry. "Well I know that you are leaving tomorrow and you will be gone for 4 months... The boys and I are going to be on tour for a year and I won't be able to see you when you get back.",He said. I didn't say anything I looked and the floor and stayed silent. "Katie?",Liam said. I stayed silent still. I felt a tear run down my face. "Harry what if I die up there and you are on tour. What if I get hurt?",I finally say. Harry stared at me. He quickly got up and walked away. "Katie don't bri-" I hear a door slam. I looked at Liam with wide eyes and I ran up the stairs I ran to our bedroom and tried to open the door but it was locked.  "Harry open the door.",I said. I heard walking and deep breathes. He unlocked the door and opened it. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset yo-" I was cut off by a deep kiss. "Shhh.",Harry said. I guess you know what happened after that He-He.

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