The Power

Hello, my name is Sam and I am smart, not athletic, a reader, not a runner and loser, not a player. I have dark brown hair that sweeps across my forehead, large glasses that enlarge my dark blue eyes. My skin is untouched by the sun with no hair attempting to grow above my lip or below it, but even if it did grow, I would shave it off straight away. Though I've heard most girls like clean shaven guys, not that that would matter as I have no luck with girls what-so-ever.

I'm the person you would least expect something like this to happen to. Yet it did, and sometimes I wish it didn't, but we can't help the things that the fates decide upon, well at least that's what Marcus tells me, I still think it was pure chance that I was walking by when… Wait, if I tell you everything now, you won't need to read it. So here we go...


2. Two

I woke up, not in the midst of bushes, but in my soft bed. I blinked the sleep out of my eyes and reached over to grab my glasses. I slammed them on my face and got out of bed.

After I slip into a pair of black trousers and a dark green shirt I head downstairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast. I just finish my breakfast when Dad slips by to go and drag my sisters out of bed. Jane gets out of bed in an instant and got dressed for school and made her bed, while Lauren, took a bit more, she was eleven and acted as if she was eighteen. Obsessing over some boy band, back-chatting and just being rude in general were just some of the thrills in her life. She had to be literally, dragged out of bed, and pinched awake, just to get her up and moving.

A nice hot shower would be refreshing for me once I've finished my breakfast, so once I do, I grab my uniform and make a bee line for the bathroom. I lock the door and strip down to nothing, I look distastefully at my scrawny body, then turn the fans on to suck up the steam, and turn on the water.

Although cold at first, it eventually warmed up and I was soon dancing and softly singing, while washing my body and hair.

After finishing the shower by scrubbing my face with this pimple cream mum buys. It really does work, I haven't seen a pimple since my first, and I've been washing my face every morning and night to keep them away.

'Crap.' I whisper looking at my foggy lensed glasses. I run them under some water and dry them with a towel, I inspect them then put them down. Using the same towel I dry my own body and pull on some underwear, then my school uniform. The word that I would use to describe it, is ugly. Bone pants and baby blue polyester top. With a choice of dark brown jumper if its cold.

My glasses once again assist my sight, and I see my large blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, that decided that it wanted to not grow straight. Oh no, it wants to grow in several different directions, the primary one growing out, giving me the most ridiculous cow-lick. I smile mockingly and once again I see my overbite. I brush that over bite with the new toothpaste Dad bought yesterday. I smell it, it was that stupid spider-man toothpaste the girls like because of it's taste. It does nothing for your teeth. The freshness doesn't even last long.

Anyway, after I left the bathroom, not even attempting to tame my wild hair, my sisters rush in and begin their daily argument about the bows and ribbons they put in their hair.

Rolling my eyes had become a bad habit for me and every time that argument starts I do it, today was no exception.

I walk into my bedroom, and see my bed isn't made, so I do a half-ass job at that, then plonk back on it. I hear raised voices from the bathroom followed by;

'your never using my bow again.' Which is replied to with;

'I don't care!' The arguing stops at that and I close my eyes in peace.

'Sam, can you make the lunches!' I hear mum shout from her bathroom downstairs.

I sigh and once again roll my eyes then quietly obey.

'GIRLS WHAT DO YOU WANT ON YOUR SANDWICH!' I scream at the top of my voice, even though I see them both coming down the stairs. This is one of the times I ever get to yell in this house without being yelled at back.

'Peanutbutter.' Lauren replies easily.

'What is there?' Jane asks before opening the fridge.

Naturally she picks the most difficult sandwich  available.

'I want two slices of ham with three slices of tomato arranged in a triangle, a little bit of salt, same amount of pepper, some cut-up cheese, and small amount of pickles.

I sigh and rather then complain and go about making her sandwich while she watches me like a hawk so I get everything correct.

I get passed the ham, but when I arrange the tomato she slaps my hand and rearranges it.

I scowl at her as I sprinkle some salt and pepper over the top. She holds her hand up signifying me to stop, and I begin to cut up the cheese.

'Thin slices.' Jane instructs. I glare at her and she instantly silences herself, and I place the cheese on the tomato and spread out a little bit of pickles over the top. The sandwich is topped with another slice of bread and then cut it in half, wrap it in glad-wrap and push it towards her.

'You better eat it.' I say to her.

'Don't worry, I will.' She replies before busying herself with recess.

Lauren's sandwich only took two seconds to make and Jane sits a small packet of burger rings, two biscuits in a zip-lock bag and a tiny apple neither of them will eat on the bench.

'I'm not having recess today.' I explain to Jane automatically, she nods and packs my recess back in the cupboard.

'But I will take a larger apple.' I say, she tosses one too me and I sit it down on the bench.

'You need to eat something.' Lauren orders.

'It's my body and I will eat what I want.' I reply calmly. She shrugs then packs her lunch in her bag, grabbing another packet of chips from the cupboard.

I stuff my apple in my bag along with a water bottle for sport.

I look at the time, 8:10. Time to go to the bus.

'Bye mum! Bye Dad!' We all shout as we head out the door.

'I forgot something, go on ahead.' Jane yelps, before dashing back inside.

I ignore her daily routine and begin the short walk to the bus stop.

Van is standing at the bus stop already and so is Melanie.  is a short, scrawny Asian boy, with black hair and brown eyes. Melanie is tall, not as tall as me, but tall with long dark brown hair and brown eyes.

'Sam.' Van says.

'Van.' I reply completing the traditional greeting.

Melanie stumbles over, and stops next to us.

'Hi.' She says in her awkward, high voice. I greet her as well and we begin to talk about nothing at all really. Joking around and having a laugh.

The bus turns up and we get on, I sit at the window seat, Melanie next to me, and Van in front of us. We continue our conversation, and get off the bus once it makes it to the school.

Littlebrook high, regarded by adults as one of the best school in the country, regarded by the students as the worst school in the world.

Melanie drifts off to her other friends wile me and Van continue our walk to the library, to the comforts of warmth and friends.

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