The Power

Hello, my name is Sam and I am smart, not athletic, a reader, not a runner and loser, not a player. I have dark brown hair that sweeps across my forehead, large glasses that enlarge my dark blue eyes. My skin is untouched by the sun with no hair attempting to grow above my lip or below it, but even if it did grow, I would shave it off straight away. Though I've heard most girls like clean shaven guys, not that that would matter as I have no luck with girls what-so-ever.

I'm the person you would least expect something like this to happen to. Yet it did, and sometimes I wish it didn't, but we can't help the things that the fates decide upon, well at least that's what Marcus tells me, I still think it was pure chance that I was walking by when… Wait, if I tell you everything now, you won't need to read it. So here we go...


1. One

The refreshing night air hit me as soon as I dropped from the tree outside my window. My feet planted firmly in the grass, I bended my knees to absorb the impact. Basic physics. Though some how people tend to stuff up falling all the time, but no matter.

I shifted from foot to foot for a moment deciding where to go, then walked off at a leisurely stroll into the old forest behind my house.

This had become routine for me, every night, I would sneak out my window when everyone was asleep, then I would decide whether to walk to the lake, which was about four blocks from my place, or go for a walk into the huge forest behind my street.

The broken fence provided not much of an obstacle for my person, who had jumped it so many times, it became instinct.

The wide forest track showed signs of use, but that was of little concern to me, as the chances of someone still being here were slim, as it was almost midnight when I left my bedroom. So I kept walking along the moonlit path, through the tall trees.

I walked to the spot I normally turn around, but for some reason, I decided to keep walking. It was to peaceful to turn around and go back to chaos.

I kept walking along the relatively straight forest track. I saw marks of game that revealed the beginnings of game trails that branched off the main track.

A light blossomed in my field of vision as I turned away from a Ipomoea Imperati, or Bindweed. Curious, I continued walking forward until I could barely see from the light. I stumbled and smacked my head on a tree, and fell to the ground.

I blinked the spots from my eyes and continued towards the light, my hand shielded by eyes from the brightness, but wasn't needed for long as the light died down and there stood an old power plant. It was rundown and abandoned as vīnea, or vines stretched up along the stone walls and in some places Toxicodendron Radican, or poison ivy intertwined with other species of vine.

Two men stood panting out the front of the power plant. When I noticed them I dived into the bushes next to me, hoping they didn't notice or hear. But they seemed to be occupied with each other at the moment.

'I will never give it to you!' One yelled, the other grinned evilly, and a flame sprung into his palm. My eyes glanced uncaring at the flame for a moment but they shot back when realization dawned upon me. He was holding fire!

He through the orb at the other man and a chunk of stone detached itself from the wall, and blocked the man's body.

Did he do that with his mind? I wondered but shook my head. My eyes must be playing tricks on me.

I was about to get up when the man who held and threw fire began to change. His pale skin became green and his short black hair receded back into his head.  A shell grew from his back and his fingers and feet became long claws. Long fangs grew from his mouth and his changed from green to yellow.

All in all his appearance terrified the living daylights out of me, and I nearly bolted for home. But common sense stopped me. If I bolted, he would hear and give chase. The other man didn't seem to fear the giant turtle-thing, instead he threw the chunk of rock he blocked the fire with at the monster.

Despite the shell on it's back it was quite agile, it spun out of the way and lurched at the man. Who was equally as agile and ducked under it's long arms then planted a kick in the back of its knee.

The monster doubled over in pain, and the man hurled a hailstorm of pebbles off the ground and directly into the creatures face.

'You won't be able to keep this up forever!' The monster screeched, then lashed out with it's claws, cutting deep gashes in the man's chest.

The man screamed and fell to the ground, his body began shaking and he threw up all over the ground in the path of the monster.

It slipped on the sick and fell on its shell, rocking back and forth trying to get to its feet.

I covered my mouth, trying to stifle a laugh at the comical look, the man throwing up, and the turtle monster attempting to get up.

Unfortunately for the man, the turtle recovered before he got over his vomiting, and it picked him up by the leg and tossed him into the wall, with force that would surely kill him.

He smashed through the stone and dust spewed into the air, hiding the man from sight.

The smoke cleared and the man sat amongst the rubble, looking dazed.

That should have killed him! I thought to myself, but the turtle was already preparing it's next attack. It threw it's head in the air, and a yellow light began forming in it's agape mouth. It shined brighter and brighter, when finally the creature pointed it's mouth at the man, opening it to fully. A bundled beam of light shot from the mouth and straight into the man.

This should surely kill him. I think to myself. This time I'm right, well partially. The man was alive but dying, his breathing was ragged and his eyes were drooping.

'Give it me now!' The creature screamed again.

'Ne-ver.' The man wheezed. He coughed and sat up straight.

'You...Will…. Never Have it!' The man screamed his last words, and a bright white orb erupted from his chest. It circled around the clearing for a moment, then sped straight towards me.

It struck my chest and disappeared. My eyes began failing and I could sense myself about to faint, through my drooping eyes I saw the monster screech in frustration then vanish. The man closed his eyes for the last time, and disintegrated into white lights, which began floating up towards the place we call heaven. And that's when I fainted.

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