The Reason Why My homework wasn't Done.

Blah Just read it. xD Jk. Its about why I didn't Do My homework xD


4. What the Hell.

  I must have blacked out because when I open my eyes everything around me was severely blurry. There were three crooked headed figures in front of me with large black eyes that took up what seemed to be over half of their face . What were they? Aliens? Monsters? Whatever they were there was nothing normal about them.  

I tried to squirm away but my attempts caught short when the creatures hand tried to touch my face. It was horrifically hideous and strangely beautiful at the same time. I stopped for a moment as I examined the creature in front of me. It was all too real; there was no way that this uncanny event was happening to me.                                                                                                                     Me out of all the people in the Freaking world. ME. And for a second just a second I got wrapped up in my own self-pity. But I was quickly ripped away from the brief moment when I the table that I was strapped down too started to move. I Panicked. I needed to get away. 

*Yea I'll  Update More Later** 

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