The Reason Why My homework wasn't Done.

Blah Just read it. xD Jk. Its about why I didn't Do My homework xD


3. Progress... Sorta

 I tried to stand again very slowly, and for some stupid reason I called out to the darkness.

Curt…? Is that you…?


Then the rustling turned into an awful growling sound.  And a bear presented itself in front of me. I froze; I don’t even think I was breathing.

Suddenly the ground began to shake and blue light seeped from the sky.  And believe it or not I started floating upward. At first I was grateful, I thought it was the air force or something coming to rescue me from my horrible fate. (Ha-ha Silly me.) Relief flooded through me, but then I realized that I couldn’t move at all, nor could I feel anything. It was like I was simply no more.

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