The Reason Why My homework wasn't Done.

Blah Just read it. xD Jk. Its about why I didn't Do My homework xD


2. Gods the Pain.

And my surroundings started to register. I realized two things. My brother was missing, and I had a major headache. I crawled away from the car, wincing at my pain. I could hardly see because my glasses were cracked in the crash and I had a huge cut on my head.  The blood was dripping in uncontrollable amounts, not to mention the rain hadn’t lightened up. . I wiped my face, and tried to stand. My leg collapsed under my weight.

 And I lay there for gods knows how long trying to get a grasp on my pain.  I tried to stretch out my leg to get a look at where the pain was coming from, when I heard a rustling noise to my right.

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