The real love story


1. Love

love |lʌv|
noun [ mass noun ]
1 a strong feeling of affection: babies fill parents with intense feelings of love | their love for their country.
• a strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone: they were both in love with her | we were slowly falling in love .
• affectionate greetings conveyed to someone on one's behalf: give her my love.
• a formula for ending an affectionate letter: take care, lots of love, Judy.
2 a great interest and pleasure in something: his love for football | we share a love of music.
3 [ count noun ] a person or thing that one loves: she was the love of his life | their two great loves are tobacco and whiskey.
• Brit. informal a friendly form of address: it's all right, love.
• (a love) informal used in affectionate requests: don't fret, there's a love.
4 (in tennis, squash, and some other sports) a score of zero; nil: love fifteen.


Give it a thousand definitions it's still the same pointless emotion; it makes your pupils dilate and makes your heart rate go up, your pulse increases. I don't care if you found your "soul mate" or you are sure he has a crush on you too; I just don't care!


L-O-V-E, spell it out for me will you; somehow four puny stupid letters can make such an important word; a word we use so often it is none of these things anymore, it is nothing more than a jumble of letters like every other stupid word.


Why do we fall in love? I am not intending on going to my marriage "falling", I think graceful would be a more suitable term for a wedding. As far as I am concerned the only place falling will get you is dorks ville alone for life. Lesson? Don't "fall" in love.


Why does this strong emotion seize us; what did I do to deserve this treatment? I must've done something pretty bad; 'cos Karma hates my guts by the looks of things.


Love: Makes girls weak at the knees, makes their hearts flutter and makes them shy and flirtatious; we all know but there is no such thing as a happy story so why do we try? We human, we are so stupid, we search for love; but in reality they're checking someone else out and sharing the occasional story with another.


Let me tell you a real love story.



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