I Wish You Were the One that Got Away

Disclaimer: I do not own Evanescence or Avenged Sevenfold or any of their songs or any of that stuff. (obviously.) I only own made up characters.

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So, this story is pretty much just about Amy Lee finds out that the man she calls dad isn't her dad. Her dad is Johnny Christs dad. So therefore Johnny is her half brother. She finds out and goes in search of her biological dad, where he welcomes her with open arms, as does the rest of the family. She all too soon finds herself falling for the amazingly sexy Synyster Gates, even though she's already engaged to Josh. This is pretty much a happy story for the most part. Since it's my first story, I'm not going to do a great deal of commentary from everyone else, just our two main characters for the most part. I apologize in advance if this story is horrible, but I welcome suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism. Anything to make this story better for the readers. So, without further ado, here we go


1. Welcome to the Family

I guess I was crazy to believe that for once in my life everything would be perfect. As soon as everything seems perfect, I come to find out that the man I've called father my whole life, really isn't my father. When Josh and I went to get married they needed a copy of my birth certificate. Needless to say, my parents stalled. Saying that they couldn't find it. Well, that's when I sent my little sister in as my spy. Once my parents went to bed one night, my sister broke into the safe and then delivered to me, the "goods". Well, it wasn't good. No, in fact it was all bad. My name wasn't Amy Lynn Lee, like I thought. Oh no, my name was Amy Lynn Seward.

It was a bright and sunny day the day I arrived in LA. I decided that I needed

time to think, so I would drive to California from Arkansas, rather than fly. Josh begged me to let him come, but I said no. I needed space from him. He said that I was ruining our wedding plans by taking off, but I didn't care. He always blamed everything on me, anyways. I needed to meet my real father and demand to know why he let another man raise me my whole life! What was wrong with him?! I drove the rest of the way to Huntington Beach, speeding in my sleek black '69 Camaro with purple racing stripes. Hell yeah. I was blaring Korn the whole way. It was 6:00 pm when I arrived at the huge suburban home. He must be rich. What an ass. I put my purple sunglasses on and got out of the car. I straightened my white tank top and pulled my long black ponytail tighter. When I got to the door, I hesitated. Finally I rang the doorbell

"I got it Dad!" I heard a young sounding guy say. Then the door swung open.

"Uh, hello? Can I help you?" the boy looked familiar.

"Um, yes. Is Dave Seward here?"

"Uh, yeah, hang on..." the boy walked away and then came back with a man who was kind of short like him. No wonder! I thought to myself.

"Amy?" He knew me already?

"Yeah, how'd you know?" I asked. The boy also looked confused.

"Amy I always knew you would figure it out and come home!" He pulled me into a tight hug as a little blonde woman came and joined us at the door.

"Oh Amy! Dave let the poor girl in! She's probably confused and scared!" She scorned. She was right though.

"Amy, right this way, take a seat." said the woman. "Amy this is Johnny." She continued. I nodded to him and took off my shades.

"Whoa wait! Why is Amy Lee sitting here? And how do you two know her?!" He was flippin shit now.

"Well Johnny, this is your long lost sister, Amy." said Dave.

"Huh?? I'm lost now!"

"Oh so, you hid it from him too then?" I asked bitterly. "This poor little boy is probably going to be scarred for life!"

"LITTLE BOY!!! How old do you think I am!?" Little man, Big temper! I saw that on a onese once. haha.

"I don't know 15 or 16 at the most." I replied.

"I haven't been 15 in 9 years!!" he squealed.

I lost it then. I couldn't stop laughing. I doubled over laughing so hard and fell to the floor. I was pretty sure they were all staring like I was a lunatic, but I didn't care that was just too much! Finally after 10 minutes, I got a hold of myself. They probably thought I was insane.

"So Amy, are you hungry? Dinner is almost done." Said the woman.

"No sorry lady, I didn't come here to eat. I came for answers." I know it sounded rude but she never mentioned her name.

"Yeah, I want some answers too!" yelled Johnny as he plopped down on the couch beside me.

"Alright, you two. Here goes. Back when Amy's mother got pregnant with her, she'd been cheating so we got you tested. Needless to say, you were mine. Well, awhile went by and she got pregnant again, that one wasn't mine. I was devastated and left. You were too young to remember all the custody battles we went through. She finally got her wish around the time Mary here," he pointed to the woman, "got pregnant with Johnny. Your mother put a protective order against me. She claimed that I beat her, so Mary and I moved here and I told her one day you would know the truth. I'm just sorry it took this long, Amy. I'm happy both my kids are successful, though. You can tell you two are related. Both in famous bands."

I tried to register everything. How could my own sweet mother be so conniving?? Hmm...maybe I could stay awhile and try to get to know my estranged family.

"What band are you in, Johnny?" I asked.

"Really? You don't recognize me?!" He squealed. Man he squealed a lot!

"No...I mean you look familiar, but I don't know."

"Avenged Sevenfold!! Jevus Amy! You'd think we would have sibling telepathy or something, but nooo...you haven't tapped into yours yet!" He was just too cute! I could tell that I already loved my half brother and wondered what it would have been like to grow up with this dude. The thought made me smile.

"I love your band, Johnny! Especially the hot one, Synyster Gates!" Oops...I need to keep my big mouth shut! A huge creepy ass grin spread wide across Johnny's face. Dave and Mary looked amused.

"Awe Amy is engaged and has a crush on the big bad guitarist, Synyster Gates!" He put emphasis on the word engaged. Already acting like a brother. :)

"I only said that he was hot, that's it." I laughed. Mary got up to check the food.

"I'm telling Syn you like him!" He pulled out his phone.

"Don't you dare short shit!" I lunged for his phone.

"Now I'm really going to tell!" We wrestled around on the floor as the phone rang on the other end.

"Hey shorty, what's up!" It was Syn!

"No, Johnny!" I yelled.

"Uh Johnny? Did you call me while you're doin the dirty?" he laughed. I gagged at the thought of that.

"No man! My sister is here and says you're a hot sex machine and she wants you!" My face went instantly red.

"Sister? I thought there was only one of you! Are you gathering an army of short people to take over the universe!?" I laughed at that because I was truly short like Johnny. I was only 5ft 4in.

"I only found out today you idiot! Gather the guys and come over here! She's trying to kill me for telling her secret!" Johnny screamed.

"Alright shorty! Be there is 15!"

"Hurry! I may not have that much time!" He hung up and I stole his phone and put it in my bra. He made a funny face.

"Serves you right!" I yelled. We acted like we had known each other this whole time.

"Dad! The guys are coming over to meet Amy!" Johnny yelled to Dave.

"Alright son! Don't let them scare her away, she just got here!" Dave yelled back.

"So, Amy are you ready to meet the guys?" Johnny asked me.

"As ready as I'll ever be, I suppose." My excitement was building.

Ok so that's the end of Chapter one. Sorry if it was crappy. Review please. :)

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