I Wish You Were the One that Got Away

Disclaimer: I do not own Evanescence or Avenged Sevenfold or any of their songs or any of that stuff. (obviously.) I only own made up characters.

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So, this story is pretty much just about Amy Lee finds out that the man she calls dad isn't her dad. Her dad is Johnny Christs dad. So therefore Johnny is her half brother. She finds out and goes in search of her biological dad, where he welcomes her with open arms, as does the rest of the family. She all too soon finds herself falling for the amazingly sexy Synyster Gates, even though she's already engaged to Josh. This is pretty much a happy story for the most part. Since it's my first story, I'm not going to do a great deal of commentary from everyone else, just our two main characters for the most part. I apologize in advance if this story is horrible, but I welcome suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism. Anything to make this story better for the readers. So, without further ado, here we go


3. Revelation

A month had passed since I showed up at my family's doorstep. Josh called and texted constantly, but we only fought every time we talked, he was always drunk. I couldn't understand why he hated me being with my family so much. I didn't want to admit it, but I was starting to really like Brian a lot. I stayed with Johnny at his mansion and Brian was always there. I met his wife once, and I definitely didn't like her instantly. She constantly gave me dirty looks the whole day she was around me. I became really close to my real dad and Mary as well. We ate dinner with them every night and were already planning the holidays. Today was like any other day, that is until Brian and I decided we wanted to go out alone for once.

"So, where do ya wanna go, Ames?" Syn asked me. Ames was the nickname that he gave me. Of course, I loved it.

"Hmm....let's go shopping, I haven't been in so long, you have no idea! I having shopping withdrawals, I think." I laughed. The look on his face was priceless when I said I wanted to go shopping! I knew how much he hated shopping, but I also came to find out that he'd do just about anything for me. 

"Ahhh...come on Ames. You know I hate going to the mall. I know where you women like to shop." He groaned. 

"Oh Bri, you know you want to go to Victoria's Secret with me." I laughed

"Well, now that you mention it, that's not such a bad idea. Let's go!" Well that didn't take much convincing at all. I win, as usual. He was nearly speeding now trying to get to the mall. He must think I'm going to model some lingerie for him or something. I laughed at the thought.

"Why are you laughing like that? It's kinda creepy.....but cute." He said.

"Because you're speeding and I know you're thinking that I'm going to model something for you." I laughed.

"You mean you're really not going to?!" He nearly cried.

"I think you've been around Johnny way too long, you have picked up his squeal. I call it the 'Johnny Squeal'." I laughed.

"We'll see, we will see Ames." He said as we pulled up outside the mall. As we were walking in I absent-mindfully grabbed his hand. He gave me a look and I just smiled anyway. He didn't pull away, though. He looked so amazing today, but then again, he always did. 


"Yes, Bri?" That's what I called him, Bri. I was pretty much the only person he allowed to call him that.

"I need to tell you something." 

"You know you can tell me anything, Bri. What's wrong?" I was worried now. 

"Amy, ever since the day I met you I can't get you off my mind. I know I'm married and you're engaged, but I can't help it, Amy. I have never felt this way about anyone in my whole life, not even my wife. God, Amy, what I'm trying to say is I fucking love you, Amy." Now I was truly blown away. He loved me? How can he love me? Then again, I've been having the same thoughts, but was I even good enough? Was I good enough for him? I searched his eyes to see if he was lying. There was only sincerity in his eyes. As if on impulse, I reached up and kissed him in response. The kiss was so very passionate, it was if the world had stopped. That is until we heard and saw the flashing of cameras around us. 

As if on cue, there were paparazzi all around us. 

"Amy! Syn! Does this mean you're an item now? What about Michelle and Josh!" The questions were coming from all around us. Brian put one arm around me to guide me out. As soon as we hit the exit we made a mad dash towards the SUV. We reached it and jumped in, Brian quickly peeled out of the parking lot. 

"Well, that was fun. Our faces are going to be all over ET tonight and in the Rolling Stone or Hit Parader, or whatever. That's just fuckin great." Brian was really mad. I was too, but one minute he acts like he doesn't care about his wife and the next he acts like he cares that she's going to find out. I mean really?

"If what you told me is true, than why do you even care if she finds out?" I asked, a little too bitchy, I might add.

"I just didn't want her to find out like this. I wanted to just get a divorce and be done with it." He snapped back. Wow...our first fight and we aren't even together.

"Brian, I don't want to fight with you about this. You're the last person that I want to fight with." I said as I wrapped both arms around his one arm and snuggled up to him the best that I could. Then he got that signature smile on his face. That one I love so much, the one that had me falling in the first place.

"You're right, Ames. Why should we hide it anyway? They're going to find out either way." 

"Bri, I didn't get a chance to say it, but I love you, too. And just to prove it," I said as I took my engagement ring off that Josh gave me, "I'm getting rid of this." I then chucked it out the window without a second glance or a second thought.

"Well then, since you've proved yourself, I'd better do the same." I grabbed onto the wheel to steer while he yanked his ring off. He then threw his out the window, too. After that he put his arm around me and I snuggled back up to him.

"Bri, you don't feel like we're moving too fast do you?" I asked.

"No, baby, I don't. It may seem that way to the others, but this past month has opened my eyes. Like I said before, I have never felt this way about anyone before. I'm not going to let this chance with you slip through my fingers. I'm not happy with Michelle and I know you're not happy with Josh. Every time you talk to him you fight or he makes you cry. Times like that, I just want to beat the living hell out of him. I love you Amy, don't ever doubt that or forget it." He was so sweet, I couldn't believe it. I could truly see myself being with this man forever. I started to cry, not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. Joy that I'd actually found someone who I just know really does love me.

"Amy why are you crying? What's wrong? Was it something I said? I'm sorry, don't cry please." He pulled over to the side of the road in the breakdown lane.

"I'm not crying because I'm upset, I'm crying because I'm just so happy, Brian. You have no idea how much this means to feel good enough for someone." I said with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.

"Of course you're good enough. Those other idiots are the ones missing out. They let you go, that's on them."


"Yeah, baby?"

"I found my inspiration." I smiled and he kissed me again, only this time, we actually got to finish it without any interruptions.

"Let's go home." He said, and we drove off to Johnny's house.

Ok so, I know this seems kind of dull and crappy. I hope we're not moving to fast, but I couldn't wait to get them together. lol Plus, I had to do this chapter off the top of my head bc my son decided that he wanted to make confetti out of my notebook. Kids..lol So please, let me know how you all like this.  Sorry if it was kind of short, too.

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