I Wish You Were the One that Got Away

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So, this story is pretty much just about Amy Lee finds out that the man she calls dad isn't her dad. Her dad is Johnny Christs dad. So therefore Johnny is her half brother. She finds out and goes in search of her biological dad, where he welcomes her with open arms, as does the rest of the family. She all too soon finds herself falling for the amazingly sexy Synyster Gates, even though she's already engaged to Josh. This is pretty much a happy story for the most part. Since it's my first story, I'm not going to do a great deal of commentary from everyone else, just our two main characters for the most part. I apologize in advance if this story is horrible, but I welcome suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism. Anything to make this story better for the readers. So, without further ado, here we go


6. Promise Me

Warning: Super cheesy chapter. haha.

We've now been living in our new home for 2 weeks. We loved it so much, it was so beautiful! Brian even bought me a puppy, a little pure white Siberian husky! I named her Snow White. We had everything where we wanted it and were now settled in finally. Me and Brian decided that today we'd have our house warming party. We invited all the guys and their girlfriends and I invited my best friend Sarah Michelle Gellar. She was recently divorced from Freddie Prinze Jr and needed friends to hang out with. I figured this party will be a nice distraction. Sarah was classy and had two beautiful children, so I was sure she would soon find a nice man.

"Brian!" I yelled, "How are those steaks coming along, baby?"

"Almost all done! Only got the burgers left to cook!"

"Everyone should be here soon." I said as I walked out the sliding glass door. 

"That cake looks amazing, baby. Mmm." He said as he tried sticking his finger in it and I swatted at him.

"No. It's for the party, butt hole."

"Love you, too baby." He laughed. Just then the door bell rang. "Ug...I told them to just come in when they got here. They act like they're coming to a strangers house." I opened the door to reveal everyone standing there, smiling, some with food they brought for the party. Others with beer, the guys, of course. 

"Hey, Hun! Sorry, we know you said to just come in, but I thought it'd be just rude." Val said as she hugged me. 

"Val, I love you, you're so sweet, but you're like a sister to me. You're allowed to just walk in if I know you're coming over silly. All of you are, you're family." I told them.

"Awe, Amy we love you too!." They all came in and made their way to the back yard. As soon as I got back there, the door rang again.

"Oh, I bet that's Sarah and the kids!" I said as I walked to the door. 

"Hey girl! Nice to see you, it's been so long!" She said wrapping an arm around me because her other hand was holding a pie. We got to the back yard and I started introducing everyone.

"Hey, everyone! Can I have your attention!" Everyone stopped and looked at me and Sarah. "Everyone, this is my best friend Sarah Michelle Gellar, I'm sure you've all heard of her. Sarah this is my man Brian Haner or Synyster Gates. That is Matt Sanders or M. Shadows with his wife the beautiful Valary Sanders. That is my little brother Johnny or short shit whichever you prefer with his girlfriend Leanne. That is Zachy V and his girlfriend Mandy. And this handsome man here, is the incredibly random Jimmy or The Rev." I introduced her to everyone and it seemed she took a liking to Jimmy. 

It was now going on 10 at night and everyone was either drunk or passed out except me, Val, Jimmy, and Sarah. Jimmy and Sarah, because they were talking each other's ears off.

"Hey Bri, I think Sarah and Jimmy like each other. They've been talking the whole time." I said to him while smiling.

"Huh? Oh yeah babes, they sure dig each others." Brian slurred.

"Oh, why am I talking to a drunk about this kind of stuff?" I said as I got up and walked over to Val who was taking care of Matt's drunk ass.

"So Val, do you think Sarah and Jimmy like each other?" I asked her. 

"Oh yes, definitely. I mean look at those two, they can't stop smiling. I think they'd be cute together. We should definitely hook them up." She said all giddy.

"I totally agree. Let's wait until tomorrow though, when everyone is sobered up. I can't focus on getting people together if I'm taking care of drunks." I laughed.

"Same here, girl. I'm going to get these guys home. It's getting late and you and Brian probably want some alone time." She laughed.

"Yeah, right. I really wanted to do something with him tonight, but he's so drunk now." I said. I really was hoping that tonight would be the night that we would finally make love. I wanted to, the temptation was killing me and all the teasing we've been doing to each other. The sexual tension lately has been so thick you could cut it with a knife. I just didn't want to be the one to break first. Silly as it sounds, but now I just wanted him, all of him.

"Awe that sucks, but you know what they say, drunk sex is the best sex. Trust me, I would know." She laughed.

"That maybe so, but I want our first time together to be a special one, ya know?"

"I completely understand. Well I'll talk to you tomorrow hun. I love you." She said as she hugged me and drug Matt out with her. She took Matt, Zachy and Johnny with her. Sarah said she would take Jimmy home. They looked so happy.

"Ok, Bri, come on. Everyone has gone home, it's time for us to go to bed." I said while trying to drag him upstairs.

"Oh come on babes, we don't has to go to bed yet. Let's has some fun sugar pop." He slurred. Man he was drunker than I thought. I mean really? Sugar pop? Who says that? Apparently a drunk Brian.

"No, Brian, you're too drunk. I'm not having sex with an extremely drunk idiot." I said getting frustrated.

"Come're baby, let me make l-love to you." He said, pinning me to the wall and started kissing me fervently. He grabbed my ass hard, then lifted me off the ground and I wrapped my legs around him. I let a moan escape my lips and I ran my hands through his hair. The next thing I knew I was being thrown onto the bed with Brian on top of me. 

"Brian, you're too drunk, let's just wait." I said through each kiss.

"I love you, though baby."

"I love you too, but baby I want to make love when we're both fully sober. You're just too drunk."

"Ugghh....fine then. Geez Amy, we've been together for almost 3 months and you barely let me even touch you. All we do is kiss." 

"What is wrong with you, Brian! I thought you loved me. People who love each other, don't care how long they have to wait on sex! What am I to you? Just a piece of ass, that as soon as you get some, you're just going to leave me!?" I accused.

"How dare you accuse me of not loving you! If I was just going to fuckin use you for sex, do you really think I'd have stuck around this fuckin long without it? And buy a fuckin house with you and do all of this?! Do you think I'd ask you to have kids with me in the future? I love you so much, Amy. I'd do anything for you." I was crying now. He scared me whenever he yelled at me. A big buff man with a booming voice is enough to make you shit yourself. "Why are you crying?" He asked me.

"You fuckin scare me when you get pissed off and start yelling at me like that! You know I don't like it! How do I know you won't lose your cool and start wailing on me or something!?" 

"Oh so now you're accusing me of being abusive? I've never laid a hand on you nor will I ever! I'm not like your exes, Amy! I'm not going to hurt you like them!" 

"You're hurting me with what you're doing right now, Brian. I don't want to fight with you. I don't like fighting with you, Bri. I love you and I know you would never hurt me like that...I'm sorry I accused you of those things. I'm just afraid, afraid that we will end up like all of my past relationships. Promise me, Brian, that no matter what happens between us, that we will always fix it. Promise me you'll never leave me." I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him and put my head on his chest.

"I love you, Ames. I promise I'll never hurt you. Whenever we fight, we'll fix it, and I'll never leave you. Promise me the same, Amy." He said softly. I listened to his voice in his chest, vibrating against my ear. 

"I promise, now make love to me." I said as I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him.

"Oh now you want it." He laughed.

"Well our little spat sobered you up." I smiled and kissed him.

With that he carried me to the bed, where we made beautiful love into the night.

So, I know that was a really cheesy ending, but I just couldn't resist. I'm not really good at sex scenes, so I didn't make one. I hope you liked it. Read and review. :-)

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