I Wish You Were the One that Got Away

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So, this story is pretty much just about Amy Lee finds out that the man she calls dad isn't her dad. Her dad is Johnny Christs dad. So therefore Johnny is her half brother. She finds out and goes in search of her biological dad, where he welcomes her with open arms, as does the rest of the family. She all too soon finds herself falling for the amazingly sexy Synyster Gates, even though she's already engaged to Josh. This is pretty much a happy story for the most part. Since it's my first story, I'm not going to do a great deal of commentary from everyone else, just our two main characters for the most part. I apologize in advance if this story is horrible, but I welcome suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism. Anything to make this story better for the readers. So, without further ado, here we go


5. House Shopping

Ok, guys this will probably be kind of a short chapter. Sorry, but the song kinda fit and made me laugh thinking about it.


It's been two days since the incident with Josh and the conversation I had with Brian about buying a house together and someday having kids. My mom and "dad" are packing all of my things for me from the house I shared with Josh and Brian sent a moving truck for me. He was always so sweet, yesterday when I was upset, he went and got my favorite chocolates. It's the small things he done that made me love him more everyday. I always tried doing things for him, too, like cooking him dinner and coming home with his favorite beer. He always scolded me for it, saying it's the mans job to take care of the woman. I just laugh and tell him it's a 50-50 relationship and I'm going to do my duties as a woman to take care of her man. Which was weird on my part, because I was never like this with my other relationships. 

~*Brian's POV*~

I came into Johnny's living room dancing around and singing like a nut. I was so happy about today. Today was the day Amy and I would find the house of our dreams. The house we wanted to live in together for the rest of our lives. The house that together, we would make a home. When I stopped what I was doing and looked up, Amy and Johnny were looking at me like I was mental. 

"Um...baby, are you alright?" Amy asked me.

"Yes, I'm fantastic!" I grinned.

"Honey, are you feeling alright, should I take you to the hospital?"

"Can't I just be happy and super excited that we are buying a house together?" I said as I picked her up and twirled her around. She started laughing, god how I loved her laugh.

"Brian, I'm excited too, but put me down before I get sick!" She laughed. I set her on her feet and kissed her passionately.

"I just can't help it, baby. You make me crazy." 

"Ok, you two, get a room. You're about to make me sick with all this love in the air. It's suffocating." Johnny whined.

"Shut up short shit or I'll make love to your sister right here in front of you." I said back while laughing.

"Oh Syn, that's just fuckin gross man! I don't need that image in my head! Dammit! I'm going to the bathroom to throw up now." Johnny squealed and Amy laughed. She loves his squealing. She'll love being on tour with us, he does his squealing all the time. 

"Baby, let's go! I'm so ready! I want a palace." Amy said while jumping up and down, clapping really hard. 

"If it's a palace my princess wants, it's a palace she gets." I said and she hugged me. 

"Baby?" She was giving me that look that meant she was up to no good.

"Yes?" I asked hesitantly.

"Can I pwetty pwetty pweeze drive the Escalade! I've never driven one and yours is so awesome! Please can I drive!" 

"Oh hell no! You almost killed me last week just going down the road to Matt's house! No way in hell are you driving my car! You almost totalled yours!" 

"Please Brian! I've been so good! Have you been working out lately? Ooo look at them hot biceps!" 

"Not gonna happen and you know I work out every day, so nice try baby. But thanks for the ego boost anyways." Then she stopped dead in her tracks and gave me "the look". I could never resist the look, it was like she put me in a spell. Those big beautiful green eyes just looking up at me, pleading. She looked like Puss in Boots. Damn her...."Fine, you can drive. But no speeding!" I yelled as she squealed and hopped in the driver's seat.

"I love you Brian. More than you'll ever know." 

"Don't push it." I warned and she laughed. I tightened my seat-belt because I knew I was in for a roller coaster of a ride. Especially in this huge ass vehicle and her driving it. The only good thing about her driving is that I got to look at her the whole time. She was wearing a beautiful black sundress today with black platform flip flops that had hot pink polka dots. Her hair was half up, half down and only a little bit of eyeliner. She looked amazing even when she kept it simple.

We held hands the whole ride to every house we looked at. It was now going on 7pm and we were looking at the last house of the day. We entered the front gate and Amy's eyes instantly lit up like a child on Christmas. She stopped the car and hopped out.

"Brian hurry! Come look! Oh my gosh, Brian it's so beautiful! I want it!" She said as she wrapped her arms around me excitedly.

"Slow down now baby, we haven't even seen the inside yet silly." I told her amused.

"Hello, you two. Welcome! If you'll follow me, I'll show you around." A young skinny blonde guy said while shaking our hands. He help onto Amy's longer than I'd have liked and then snuck a peak down at her cleavage. My blood was boiling, I wanted to knock him out for looking at her that way. 

We followed the pervert around the house for about an hour and saw every room. I could tell Amy really loved it. She was so excited, already picking out colors for each room and where everything would go. She and I both especially loved the master suite. Then we got to the last room in the house that was upstairs and Amy surprised me.

"Oh Brian! This could be the nursery for when we have babies! Look how cute it is and it's right beside the master bedroom so we know their safe!" I was surprised because I didn't think Amy really was excited for kids the way that I was. Maybe the house changed her mind a little bit.

"Yeah, baby this is the perfect house. I believe this is it." I told her.

"Oh there's one more room guys." The idiot told us. We followed him back downstairs to a door that he stated was the basement. We got downstairs and it was huge and fixed up really nice. 

"Oh my gosh Brian, now you and the guys can put a recording studio down here and store your instruments." Amy was excited.

"What about your stuff?" I asked her.

"Come on, Bri, you know that you guys are in the studio a lot more than me. You would get more use of it. I just want a place for my piano." 

"Ok, so how much?" I asked the perverted idiot. I hated this guy, all he done was keep his eyes glued on my woman.

"30 Million dollars." He said smiling.

"WHATTT!! What do I look like the fuckin money tree!" I could feel my money just setting on fire in the bank. Amy's face dropped. I knew she loved it so very much. God, how could I upset her? I mean I knew we were both going in on it, but I really didn't want her to pay for it. I wanted to take care of her.

"It's ok, Bri, we can find another house just as good." She smiled, though not very convincing. I sighed and put my hands on my hips.

"Alright, buddy, where do I sign?" 

"You really mean it Brian? I know it's a lot but we can afford it together." Her eyes lit up.

"Oh no, Amy, you're not paying, I am." 

"No, we agreed to buy it together. I'm not letting you pay for everything. I'm going to help." She stated, hands on hips, mirroring me.

"Amy, I want to do this for you." I argued back.

"No, Brian. I already love you, so no amount of money can change that. You don't have to buy me the world. A puppy for our new home would suffice." She argued. 

"Fine then, for you. Where do we sign?" God, I'm a fuckin sucker.

So, this was definitely a filler chapter. Sorry, I know it was crappy, but they had to buy their house. haha. So let me know what you think. :-)

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