I Wish You Were the One that Got Away

Disclaimer: I do not own Evanescence or Avenged Sevenfold or any of their songs or any of that stuff. (obviously.) I only own made up characters.

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So, this story is pretty much just about Amy Lee finds out that the man she calls dad isn't her dad. Her dad is Johnny Christs dad. So therefore Johnny is her half brother. She finds out and goes in search of her biological dad, where he welcomes her with open arms, as does the rest of the family. She all too soon finds herself falling for the amazingly sexy Synyster Gates, even though she's already engaged to Josh. This is pretty much a happy story for the most part. Since it's my first story, I'm not going to do a great deal of commentary from everyone else, just our two main characters for the most part. I apologize in advance if this story is horrible, but I welcome suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism. Anything to make this story better for the readers. So, without further ado, here we go


4. Confrontation

Another one off the top of my head. Just felt the need to update, I guess. Hope it's a good one. lol


Ever since Brian told me how he felt and I told him, I'd had amazing inspiration for the album me and my band decided to call The Open Door. I'd written a lot of songs for the album and we'd picked out all the songs, but there was just one thing missing. I'd had some lyrics in my head that kept playing over and over, getting them down on paper was a different story. The conversation I had with Brian played in my head, when I asked him if I was good enough. That was the inspiration for the song playing in my head. I sat down at my piano and started to just fiddle with some cords. Then a song just kind of happened. 

"Under your spell again
I can't say no to you
Crave my heart and it's bleeding in your hand
I can't say no to you

Shouldn't let you torture me so sweetly
Now I can't let go of this dream
I can't breathe but I feel

Good enough
I feel good enough for you

Drink up sweet decadence
I can't say no to you
And I've completely lost myself and I don't mind
I can't say no to you

Shouldn't let you conquer me completely
Now I can't let go of this dream
Can't believe that I feel

Good enough
I feel good enough
It's been such a long time coming
But I feel good

And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall
Pour real life down on me
'Cause I can't hold on to anything

This good enough
Am I good enough
For you to love me too?

So take care what you ask of me
'Cause I can't say no"

"That was truly amazing lil sis." I jumped when I heard Johnny's voice.

"Lil sis? Really Johnny? I'm older than you." I laughed.

"I know, but I'm still protective like an older brother. You know, I know about you and Syn." He said.

"Really Johnny? Who doesn't after what happened last week? I mean I really haven't heard from Josh yet, so he obviously doesn't know, but I'm telling him when I call him later." 

"Seriously?? Why is it that I'm always left in the dark about the stuff? I mean come on! Everyone knew but me until today?? I had to hear it from Jimmy!" The Johnny squeal was back.

"Johnny, I love you." I said as I got up and just walked away with a smile on my face leaving him to sulk. It was always fun to leave my brother sulking. He truly was not with the times. Always left in the dark, but it was hilarious. I'd finally found the perfect ending to a perfect CD. Sure, it was kind of dark, but it was supposed to be. I mean, I'll never get over the loss of my sister, and I need to get my past off my mind in this CD. 

After a few more hours in the studio recording some of the music for The Open Door, it was time to go back to Johnny's. Brian moved out of his house and told Michele to keep it because he didn't like the house anyways. He only bought it so she'd leave him alone about it, because she wanted it so bad. So, he moved in to Johnny's house. I loved it, me and Brian slept in the same bed, but we were taking it slow still. 

When I arrived home, I knew I'd have to call Josh and tell him the truth. I walked into the house and was swept up in a hug by two huge tattooed arms.

"Brian! Put me down!" I laugh/squealed. 

"God, Amy, you were gone all day! I missed you so much!" He said as he swung me around in circles and we both fell onto the couch. I got on top of him and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

"So baby, I have good news." I said when I finally came up for air.

"And what might that be, babes?"

"I finished the album today, and all that's left is to record the lyrics." I said matter of factually.

"That's awesome baby, when do I get to hear it?" He smiled.

"When it's completely finished because I have a surprise on it for you."

"I love surprises, especially from you." He started kissing me again.

"Mmm-Brian." I said breaking the kiss.

"What baby?" He said still trying to kiss me.

"I need to call dumbass." Just as I said this, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Johnny yelled. "What the fuck are you doing here?!" I heard Johnny half yell. I popped my head up over the couch to see Josh standing there in the doorway. What the fuck was he doing here and how the hell did he know where I lived now??

"I need to speak with Amy right now." He demanded. 

"Well to fuckin bad man. You aren't going to show up at mine and my sisters house and start making demands." Johnny said back.

"You and your sisters house? Amy lives with me in Arkansas. I'm her fiancee and I demand to speak with her!" He was now yelling. I decided to make my presence known as I got up off the couch. 

"What do you want Josh?" I asked, venom in my words.

"I want you to come home. I'm fuckin tired of waiting, you've been gone for almost two fuckin months!" He yelled.

"I guess that's too bad, Amy lives here with me now." Brian said as he wrapped his arms around me. 

"Oh really? That's how it is? You bitch!" He lunged at me and somehow his weight pulled me to the ground out of Brian's arms. He had his hands tight around my neck before anyone could blink. How did he get so fast? "Die you stupid bitch!" He screamed. Just then Brian kicked him in the head and he was thrown off me. Johnny then was kicking him in the ribs while Brian punched him in the face. I finally got air back to my lungs and screamed for them to stop. They stopped and then reached down, grabbed him up, and literally threw him out the door. Johnny slammed the door.

"Oh my god, Amy are you alright baby???" Brian now had my face in his hands examining me. I could tell by the way he was staring at my neck, bruises were already forming. "Baby I'm so sorry I wasn't fast enough to stop him."

"Brian stop it, it's not your fault. You didn't know he was going to do that and it all happened too fast to stop it." 

"That's no fuckin excuse for me not to have been fast enough. Let me go kill the fucker!" He sounded almost insane.

"No, Bri, I love you too much. He's not worth it and now I don't have to worry about telling him." I tried to calm him down, but there's almost no use when he's this mad.

"No, Amy it's not ok. What if me and Johnny wouldn't have been here! He could have killed you Amy!" He was now scaring me.

"Syn, man calm down! Look at her! You're scaring her to death!" Johnny yelled at Brian now. Brian stopped in his tracks and just looked at me and his face softened. He sighed and put his arms at his sides and walked over towards me and I instinctively took a step back.

"Baby, I'm sorry, please don't be afraid of me. I didn't mean to lose my cool like that, especially on you. You're the last person I want to act like that around. Gosh, I'm such a fuckin moron. Come here please, Ames." I slowly walked towards him and he wrapped me in his arms. I cuddled into his chest. I loved the warmth that radiated off of this man. 

"I love you, Bri-Bri." I smiled up at him and he smirked. I knew how much he hated being called Bri Bri, but I also loved pushing small buttons like that. And of course I loved his sexy smirk. It made kind of turned me on, but I was still trying to take things slow with him. I didn't want to fuck things up with him like I had every other relationship.

"Well, on that note, I am leaving you two alone. I gotta head to Jimmy's house. See ya later." We said bye to Johnny.

"Baby can we talk?" Brian asked.

"Of course, Bri."

"I know we're taking it slow and everything and we've not even had sex yet, but I really wanna move in together." 

"We do live together, silly." I laughed.

"No, baby, like really live together. Buy a house together to maybe have babies in some day." Awe my big bad Bri-Bri is opening up to me.

"Wow Brian, that's so sweet, but I don't really want babies." I laughed and his face went completely blank. "What's wrong Bri?" I asked.

"You mean you really don't want any kids ever?" 

"No, Brian, I don't mean to sound vain, but I don't want to ruin my body."

"Wow Amy, just wow..." He said angrily as he stood up and walked into the kitchen. I followed him in, he grabbed a beer out of the fridge.

"Brian, I'm sorry."

"So, you really mean you don't want to be a mom. What would you do if you did get pregnant? Say we had sex and the condom broke and you got pregnant? What would you do?"

"Come on Brian, really?" 

"No, Amy, really. I want to know." He was now mad again. I thought about it for a minute. Babies with Brian? What would that be like? He was still looking at me, leaning over the island, waiting for my answer. Those eyes....how could I not want kids with him someday?

"I'd keep it. Brian, I love you and I would love someday to have babies with you." I smiled and so did he and he walked over and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me lightly.

"So, does this mean you'll buy a house with me?" He asked.

"Yes, Brian, I'd love to." I replied and kissed him again. 

So, I hope you guys liked this chapter. I wrote it as it came, so I hope it isn't too bad. lol Let me know what you think. :)



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