The year is 2209 and the Earth is coming to an end. Our Moon has been completely destroyed and our Sun is going to explode in 30 days, 11 minutes & 36 seconds; and there are only 6 survivors left. However, these survivors have the ability to change the future of our apocalypse. With powers so extravagant, these 10 associates must join together to fight the most unimaginable force of energy that could literally wipe out the human race and possibly even the entire solar system...


1. Our Fate

The relentless rays of the Sun flooded the desert terrain. In the distance, the deep, growl of thunder could be heard as the malice and malevolent lightening bolts scuffed the stones on the barren ground. Perplexed and vulnerable creatures (mostly mice and rats) scurried around the hostile land; they were struggling to cope in the intense heat. Furthermore, the skeleton trees danced with the seething wind as little balls of dust bounced around spontaneously, choking the air. The sinister and murky atmosphere hugs the dusty rocks (they stand and glare at their surroundings) whilst the sky is blanketed with a cocktail of deep mahogany, a glistening orange and an explosive yellow. Bits of innocent rubble and dirt hibernate in the cracks in the ground, reluctant to move as the Sun stares down; its eye's watching and waiting. However, as I tell you this, you would probably think that there was no human life, no plant life, just small animals scuttling around; to be specific you would possibly believe I was talking about Mars or Saturn! Not Earth surely. You are terribly, terribly wrong...

The year is 2209; and our Earth is losing it's will to live. 2 years ago, we were violently and reluctantly struck with the news that our Sun would die; and it would take everything with it; straight into the abyss of hell. In the year 2208, our Moon was vigorously destroyed, and within minutes, earthquakes toppled cities, and huge sheets of water (tsunamis) collided with the rubble that remained and wiped all traces of human civilisation; anyone left behind after the wreckage would die slowly and painfully. Meanwhile, volcanoes relentlessly spat out dangerous lava and magma; their crisp, golden colours hypnotising people and eventually igniting them in flames, suffocating them individually; torturing their souls and toying with their minds. Finally, when every natural disaster was over, it only got worse. Death blanketed the World, vegetating in tiny cracks, whispering and spying and then eventually pouncing on them, wrapping itself around the living so tightly that it would sometimes hurt to breathe. But during this apocalyptic World, my Mama, my Papa, me and my family all joined together as one and we never parted or divided; even if we felt the eyes of evil and hatred glaring at us in the murky, sinister and opaque darkness. Our clan were joined at the hip, unbreakable and unchallenged like the leader of a wolf pack.... until Mama and Papa died. That sly and dominating blanket of death coated their perspiring souls, echoing words into their minds and callously pulling on their heartstrings. Eventually, their suffering ended and (with my heart in my mouth) me and my family put them to their death beds. But - after their deaths - I never felt stronger. I did not fight for my survival. I was angry. Angrier than I'd ever been before; I wanted revenge. I wanted revenge so bad that I could feel a sheet of flavour sleeping on my tongue just waiting to be woken. Currently, a cocktail of rage and revenge shoots up and down my arm and trembles when it reaches my fingertips; it spirals intricately in my blood, giving me fiery flames of adrenaline. Will I get what I want?


The clock now ticks and all that remains are us. 3 brothers, 3 sisters. Tyvette, Me (Zorana), Rainelle, Kearney, Mather and Stasio. All of us waiting for that abhorrent day to show its face.  Our fear is accelerated each day and our heart palpitates more faster each hour; sweat constantly weeps down our foreheads like rain against a window. The time left: 30 days, 11 minutes and 36 seconds. Watching, wishing, waiting.

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