The year is 2209 and the Earth is coming to an end. Our Moon has been completely destroyed and our Sun is going to explode in 30 days, 11 minutes & 36 seconds; and there are only 6 survivors left. However, these survivors have the ability to change the future of our apocalypse. With powers so extravagant, these 10 associates must join together to fight the most unimaginable force of energy that could literally wipe out the human race and possibly even the entire solar system...


2. Brothers in Arms

We are the Jetsons and there is one thing that none of us can explain. We did not inherit these features but we did not create them. Every bleak and melancholy night, all 6 of us perch ourselves on the front porch and stare up at the winking, blinding stars; our minds screaming 'Why did this happen to me?'. To summarise: we have our own unique power.

Firstly, there's my brother Mather Jetson. He is the eldest, the leader and my absolute favourite! His olive toned skin blankets his bewildered muscles and he has a wildly handsome complexion. His crisp, sticky hair (which is as black as raven's wings) clings to his arid scalp and his chocolate, spontaneous eyes show anguish and mystery; meanwhile, his slick and protective physique makes me feel perplexed and perturbed. Furthermore, dirt snoozes in the cracks of his palms and hibernates in his fingernails; reluctant to come out, whilst a variety of scars layers his athletic back. However, the one thing that makes Mather unique is that he is incredibly, implausibly and breathlessly strong and fast. He is known to be able to pick up the bare earth with his rough, ragged hands and throw it across acres of barren land. In addition, he is so astonishingly fast that when he runs, he leaves behind a puff of pink, fragrant mist and suffocates the damaged and choked atmosphere. You can see why he is my favourite.

Secondly, there's Kearney Jetson. The thing about Kearney is he is sweet; he wouldn't hurt a fly poor devil. His golden, resplendent locks hangs without hindrance and his ocean blue, tranquil irises shimmer in the flooded sunlight. Kearney was a Mama's boy, always crying over spilt milk. When he was a boy, he stayed in the shadows (quietly conversing with them) and kept to himself; meanwhile Mather trained hard and Stasio studied hard but Kearney just stared out of his begrimed window, telepathically speaking to the Sun about his day. However, when Mama and Papa died, we all saw a different side to him. He grew more mature and mirrored Mather. Now, every time you look at his cream complexion, you get such a positive vibe from his 'ear to ear' smile and every now and then, he loves a challenge and he never gives up; I think it was Mama. Oh Mama how we miss you. The strange thing about Kearney is he can amazingly shape - shift into anything he wishes! From a petite little amphibian to one hell of a ginormous mammal. Surprisingly, he can even replicate people, manipulating them and tricking them, leading them into believing they are hallucinating. I have to say, he does come in handy!

Finally, there is our imaginative brother Stasio Jetson. I admire Stasio. His vigorous heart beats imperceptibly like an African drum, sometimes protesting to break free from his rib - cage. His tepid breathing is shallow but almost forceful and his sooty eyes tell you he is about to tell you something mendacious and lead you into an everlasting trap. His deep, crisp voice prevails you to speak to him and even though you yearn to communicate with someone else, he is persuasive and draws you in. You are probably wondering why I admire him. Well Stasio's unique power is that he has an outstanding sense of smell, taste and sound! He can smell scrumptious and filling food from miles away and can hear any ravenous predator coming towards our territory (if there was anything to kill us or eat for that matter). However, what does come in handy are his laser eyes. With fire crackling beams (that are the colour of ravishing red roses), he can vaporise and dissolve anything instantly. His name means 'Stand of Glory'; he will stand and he has so much gallantry in his blood; that's Papa alright! Love you Pops. Now do you see why I admire him?

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