The year is 2209 and the Earth is coming to an end. Our Moon has been completely destroyed and our Sun is going to explode in 30 days, 11 minutes & 36 seconds; and there are only 6 survivors left. However, these survivors have the ability to change the future of our apocalypse. With powers so extravagant, these 10 associates must join together to fight the most unimaginable force of energy that could literally wipe out the human race and possibly even the entire solar system...


4. An Impossible Force

Being a magician softens my heart. I never wanted something as big as Rainelle or Kearney although I do have my moments. Firstly, I am not the type of magician that just pulls a rabbit out of a top hat and saws someone in half. My powers are eerie, strong and dominant. I can brainwash and challenge earth, water, fire and weather all at once. In my right hand, I can transform bloodthirsty, savage lightning bolts into skittish, coward - like beings; whilst forcing them to whiplash the inhospitable land and scuff the innocent stones. Meanwhile, in my left hand, I can deceive destructive, acidic lakes and spiral them down into an everlasting trap; and with that water, I can create huge tidal waves (their electrifying turquoise colours glistening in the merciless sunlight) and send them galloping down the uninhabitable wasteland. I leave the earth to Mather and the fire to Tyvette. Impressed yet? Additionally, my powers are not always that extreme. My first rule in being a magician is I have to always be the smartest person in the room. This of course causes competition between my brothers and sisters however, they do not know what my mind is like. Inside my head, I have a very unique and effectual clock that never stops working. Each day, a cocktail of shrewd knowledge and intense magic whirlpools its way around my brain, blanketing my mind with new thoughts, ideas and skills; occasionally I sometimes hear the faint and tranquil sound of the ticking hands on the clock in my sleep. As a magician, I like to perform basic tasks with my magic. I will play tricks on my family. One minute I will be there, the next I will have vanished into the hostile air and eventually murmur phrases into their ears, twisting and tantalising their minds. Sometimes I like to move and hide particular possessions that belong to my family for example Rainelle's brooch or Stasio's comb leaving them hoodwinked and irked; I chuckle to myself silently as I glance at them squealing and screaming because I know that no - one will find that brooch or comb as only I know where I keep these particular things. My mind.


The murky, sinister blackness swarmed our innocent tent; not even the faint luminescence of our once resplendent Moon could guide us through the night. Whispering shadows secretly conversed with one another whilst the howling, screaming wind danced with the bony trees; the winking stars like tiny chandeliers whilst down below a carpet of ash and dirt suffocated the ground. Rainelle, Tyvette and Stasio were cooking dinner. The smell of fresh meat tingled our noses and flooded our mouths with saliva. Kearney was out flying through a fog of murky, mysterious cloud; he was checking our territory. Finally, me and Mather was stood near the door however, we didn't care how the wind battered our faces and tugged at our hair. Our eyes peered into the dark abyss of the black and mysterious sky.

"Do you ever wonder where Mama and Papa went?" Mather questioned.

My head twisted behind me to make sure that my siblings were not listening to my answer. They were enthusiastically smelling and tasting our future meal.

"Everyday. I sometimes think about what they would do if they were still here and what they would do about our situation" I replied truthfully

"Huh. Mama would probably be fretting and Papa would probably be screaming like a big girl in knickerbockers"

I let out a silent chuckle. He was right. Mama was always a sensible, vintage lady but I was always surprised that Papa was ever so dramatic. I remember when he sliced himself with a knife whilst cutting rabbit. Immediately, he sprinted out of his hut and straight into Mama's arms; blood oozing out of the wound. "Will it get infected?" and "Do I need a bandage?" and "Will I die?" he interrogated. Meanwhile, Mama roared with laughter and eventually (with tears weeping down her face) took him inside to blanket it in a bandage. However, when me and Rainelle dashed over into the ivory kitchen shrieking "What's happened" and "What's Papa done now?", we both saw them wrapped in each others warm arms, a force field of love swarming them. Their lips muttered quiet, intimate words into their ears whilst ear to ear smiles masked their faces. They were perfect.

"Zorana?" asked Mather, his voice full of worry and anxiety

I suddenly snapped out of memory and entered reality.

"Sorry, I was away with the fairies then" I reassured him

"Aren't you always?" he murmured

I decided to ignore his snide remark.

"Do you ever wish you could have done something else with your life. I remember how I failed all of my studies and I rejected all of my possible opportunities. Maybe if I had accepted one of them, I could have succeeded..."

I was suddenly interrupted by Tyvette's voice.

"Dinner is ready" she squawked

I was about to casually stroll in for dinner (with my heart full of disappointment and guilt) when Mather gripped my arm.

"Zorana ...", he sighed and hesitated for a moment until finally he spoke again...

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, its the courage to continue that counts"

"That's what Mama used to say" I reminded him

"I know. It has proved well into telling you the facts" he answered

At that moment, a dark silhouette emerged into the cloud of mystery and suspense that concaved our tent. Kearney trudged in exhausted and ravenous. We all giggled at the sight of him. His hair was stood on his head in a random formation and his face was caked in mud.

"Oh... ha.....ha......ha"

Joyfully, me, Kearney and Mather shuffled in from the cold and we all gathered around to enjoy our soothing and savoury meal.


A compassionate and affectionate atmosphere cloaked my body whilst my tartan blanket hugged me sympathetically. My bewildered muscles are relaxed and tranquil, meanwhile I could feel my heart fluttering silently. I was in a deep and everlasting dream. My eye lids trembled ferociously and my breathing was tense and fragile. Suddenly, my subconscious released a nightmarish state from under my rug of thoughts. I violently shook on my mattress like the turbulence from a plane and my heart palpitated destructively. Almost instantly (it was as if I had been shot in the stomach) I shot upright, my back straight, my eyes wide with fear. I had been descending into a dark hole of guilt and despair. I was tumbling down with no one to grab onto for support until, all of a sudden, I hit the ground with a thunderous smack; crumbling into tiny pieces. My heart gone, my soul lost.

The inhospitable darkness consumed by begrimed bedroom as I cocked my head right and left, searching for Mather's guidance. Suddenly, my eyes glanced at a green, luminescent light. What was it? I darted out of our tent and into the ominous night. Immediately, a bitter chill cradled my body, hibernating in the cracks of my skin; I shivered vigorously. However, my eyes were locked onto the fluorescent light that had automatically appeared out of the sky. It blanketed the mischievous darkness and sent trepidacious thoughts through my ponderous mind. A deep growl of thunder could be heard on the horizon whilst heavy drops of rain began to lash down onto my head. But I did not stop gazing at the phosphorescent sky. My ears suddenly vibrated to the sound of rapid footsteps and I was joined by Mather, Stasio, Kearney, Tyvette and Rainelle. Our family side by side once again.

However, just as I was celebrating our families reunion, something dropped down from the lime green sky. My heart stopped. My blood ran cold. The legend was true. We had witnessed the myth. They had come. The Rathbone.

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