Incomplete Love (Niall Horan/Harry Styles Love Story)

Allison Carter is just another normal 17 years old girl but she is not a big fan of boy bands that's why she doesn't know One Direction. But what happens when she is gonna stay with them cause of her college in London ?!


1. That's Me!!!

I know you guys might think it won't be good cause of Nathan but he's just a friend it's a totally One Direction fanfic so don't judge from just the start of it and I promise it gets so much better from chapter 2.
Comment your feedbacks and tell what you think all the time I'll really appreciate it. 
Oh and don't forget to vote if you like it.
Thank you and enjoy it :)


First of all, let me introduce myself.

My name is Allison, Allison Ray Carter . I'm 17 and I'm a little short for my age i know but i don't mind.

I live in L.A and i just graduated high school. I had a dream since i was like 8 to go to cambridge and my dream finally came true.

I'm leaving for London in a week from now. I have a friend who lives there, his name is Nathan, Nathan Sykes. Yes,Nathan Sykes from THE WANTED.
We are best friends for about 3 years now and we tell each others everything what so ever. 

I still have five more days to go, but i'm starting to pack from now so i'll make sure i won't forget anything at all.
I decided to spend my last day here with my family and my best friend ever Madelyn or as i like to call her Maddi.
I told Nathan about the time of my arrival as he insisted to to wait for me at the airport, even though he has to go to the studio cause they are working on their new album.

I'm at the airport right now waiting for my flight to take off. I said goodbye to my mum and dad who i'm gonna miss a lot but, i'm also really excited to see Nathan again and have a new start for my life in London.

Let my new life begin...

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