Incomplete Love (Niall Horan/Harry Styles Love Story)

Allison Carter is just another normal 17 years old girl but she is not a big fan of boy bands that's why she doesn't know One Direction. But what happens when she is gonna stay with them cause of her college in London ?!


2. Hello London!

*Allison's P.O.V.*

As soon as the flight took off i began to be more and more excited. I didn't even feel the time or how long did it take.
I felt the plane landing and i got up wanting to get out of it as soon as possible.
I know i may seem insane or something but come on i haven't seen my best friend for about a year now i think that can make an exception plus i was dying to roam around London.
I rushed at the arrivals gate and looked for Nathan i saw him standing with some blonde guy i didn't know.
As i was making my way to him he suddenly disappeared, i looked over and over for him but i couldn't find him anywhere. 
Suddenly i felt someone grabbing me from the back and lifting me off the ground into a hug and i realized that he was Nathan he hugged me really tight and i returned the hug with the same exact passion.

"You have no idea how much i missed you" i heard his voice saying with his amazing british accent while we were still hugging.

"I really missed you too, like crazy" i said when we finally let go each other.

"How are you ? and how was your flight ?" he said with his amazing british accent.

"I'm great as you can see and i didn't even feel how much time the flight took" i said while looking at him when i noticed that the blonde guy was staring at me with a smile on his face. I gave Nathan a look and he noticed what i meant.

"Oh, i almost forgot. This is my friend Niall. Niall this is my best friend Allison who i told you guys about" he said pointing at me and the blonde guy who is apparently Niall we stood there staring at each other speechless while he was smiling at me all the time. 

"See i just spent five minutes with you and i'm already starting to forget my friends here" Nathan said trying to break the silence.

I started looking at Niall once again and he was staring at me smiling again but this time i noticed that he had really beautiful blue eyes and he's really cute. I was lost in his eyes for a second when i heard someone talking with an irish accent and i realized it was him.

"Hi, Allison nice to meet you" Niall said with his cute irish accent that made me feel something i don't know what was it.

"Hi, nice to meet you too" i said smiling back to him as he never stopped smiling but this time he smiled even more that made me notice he was wearing braces.

*Niall's P.O.V*

The second i saw her coming towards us i felt something i never felt before but i don't know what was it.
She's just really beautiful with the most amazing smile a girl can have.

"So, Ally you're going to spend the day with Niall, he's gonna show you around and then take you home because you know i have to go now cause i'm already late" i heard Nathan telling her while he looked at me and then at her again.

"Yea, i know and i'm so sorry for making you wait all this time" i heard her voice once again and it made me smile.

"No problem sweetie you know you'll always come first" Nathan told her starting to carry her bags and put them in the car.

"I missed your compliments"she said to him they both looked at each other and then he kissed her on the cheek.

"Okay, Niall take good care of her" he said one last time for me and then left.

"Don't worry i'll sure will" i told him as she waved goodbye at him leaving the two of us alone.

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