This is just going to be some poems or songs that I've written over the past few months. I'm a very emotional person so some may be a bit dark... But I take my writing very seriously so any feedback good or bad would be great.


3. You're safe with me

When the world outside seems dark and grey

Just take my hand, it will be okay

I'll show you all the happiness you can have in life

I'll teach you how to drop the knife

I know it's hard when you're broken and scarred

To stand strong and to always be on guard

But I promise you what I say is true 

I will take care of you

When others threaten to harm you dear

I'll stand tall with little to no fear

Just take my hand I can lead you far away

Lead you to a much better day

I know you're beyond afraid to fall

But I will catch you fear and all

Just trust me please my dear

As long as I'm by your side you have nothing to fear

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