This is just going to be some poems or songs that I've written over the past few months. I'm a very emotional person so some may be a bit dark... But I take my writing very seriously so any feedback good or bad would be great.


5. Lessons

You didn't care about me

You just liked to mess me up

We were never meant to be

Now I know what's up

You were messing with my heart

Tearing me apart

I'm so done with you

With all you do

Why must you try to hurt me

Is it all just a game

How could I not see

Do you even know my name?

I just want to leave

But my heart won't let me go

I'm wiping my tears on my sleeve

But my heart still says no

Why can't I get over you?

You hurt me so much

I just don't know what to do

I've turned into such a lush

Help me say goodbye

Because my mind is trying to hard

But heart is hanging onto this guy

I was caught off guard

I want to say just give me chance

But I know that's not reality

I'm just stuck in a trance

And you're chasing after some girl whose prettier than me

You never said that to be exact

But you don't have to

I know the looks I lack

I'll never be as pretty as the girls around you

I'll never compare to what you're used to

So why do I try

That's the question

My heart loves to lie

I'll never learn my lesson

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