This is just going to be some poems or songs that I've written over the past few months. I'm a very emotional person so some may be a bit dark... But I take my writing very seriously so any feedback good or bad would be great.


2. Heart breaker

I take a deep breath 

Breathing you out

I take a step back

Because I'm starting to doubt

if you ever loved me

If you even cared

I thought that we could be

But now my heart has been teared

I gave myself to you

Lot more than I should

I watched as you broke me

As much as you could

I know I was being stupid

I should have known better 

But for some reason I was blinded

And I entered the stormy weather

The place where clouds of rain circle the sky

And fall and fall because of one guy

He leads you to destruction

But he doesn't really care

Cause his heart is safe

This is going nowhere

I gasp up at him

Begging for his love

But he throws me to the ground

Not caring enough

I look to him as I fall

Him floating close by

I should have known not to love

The heart breaker guy

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