This is just going to be some poems or songs that I've written over the past few months. I'm a very emotional person so some may be a bit dark... But I take my writing very seriously so any feedback good or bad would be great.


4. Falling

Do you know how hard I've fallen

For your smile and your eyes

Do you know hard I've fallen

It come as a surprise

Your laugh is what gets me through the day

Even though I know you'd never say

That you love me like I love you

Do you know how much I miss you

When you don't pick up the phone

do you know how much I miss you

You'd think you'd hear it in my tone

The loving words I use for you

Yet you never see

That I've fallen for you

Because you don't love me

Do you know how much it hurts

Falling like I do

Do you even know I've know I've fallen

And do you even care

Do you even know I'm falling

Because my heart it about to tear

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