Save me, please...If your still out there - walking dead fanfiction

So my brother told me to watch the walking dead and I did, now I'm obsessed with it and with one particular character...Daryl Dixon.
This is a fan fiction story about a Girl he met called Lucy-May before the world ended, they fell in love and months before hell breaks loose she was due to fly back to England. Due to Military action she didn't and now she lives in an isolated pretty packaged hell named Woodbury where not all is as it seems. Will she ever see him again? Will he still fight for her? Will they survive to live to see the day?


1. Trying to run and where it gets you

Running through the woods, almost tripping on branches, crunching leaves under foot carrying tight a knife in one hand she darted through the endless woods. Her lungs burned, her legs and arms ached and her knees were almost jellified with exhaustion. She'd been running for some time, she wasn't sure how long but she needed to get away, needed to escape from them. Inside she was somebody's bitch, someones easy target to be used and abused when they wanted. Out here she was neither safe nor sound. Walkers roamed the world now since the infection became world wide, wherever there was people there was the plague. A part of her wanted to die, to end the suffering and pain she endured but most of her wanted to live to beat this. Somehow her will to survive never let up. She needed to know, confirm if He was still alive. She never boarded the plane because of military action and never left Him behind. She wanted to believe He was still alive, He had to be, she knew Him, knew what He was capable of. She needed Him to tell her she was safe just to remind her everything was okay even just for a little while.

Her breathing was becoming rapid and shallow, she started to feel faint. She'd only made it a mile, two at most away, not nearly enough. They could still find her, find her and catch her. A pang of ice cold terror shot through her at the thought of her punishment. Adrenaline surged her veins and she pushed on in the dead of night, sprinting from tree to tree. Some time later she tripped over something and went down. She landed on something hard and soft at the same time. It was lumpy and cold and sticky in places. She glanced up, her eyes adjusted to the pitch black and slowly she picked out sunken eyes, a rotting mouth showing black stumped teeth and a cracked grey face with barely strands of hair. A scream lodged in her throat and she scrambled away on her back using her arms and legs to push her away.

It was a walker. She swallowed hard and used the back of her hand to keep out some of the stench from entering her nostrils. It seemed dead but she wasn't going to stick around to find out. She jogged on further reaching a denser part of the woodland and entered a deeper darkness.

An hour or two later she couldn't be sure where she actually was, she found a road as the trees fell away but leading to and coming from where she didn't know. She didn't know this country well. It wasn't England. She stood in the middle of the double middle yellow lines and spun round and round. Which way to go, she didn't know, it all looked the same, two ways road, another two ways dense woodland. A few walkers ambled awkwardly out onto the road wearing the clothes they turned or died in, all ripped fibres and smeared with dirt. They're rotting faces could hardly create an expression anymore and blood and pus oozed from they're cracked black and grey skin.

"Oh shit" she breathed and gripped the knife tighter.

The walkers caught her scent like a dog sniffing meat from the air and they focused their dead filmy eyes on her. She could run but they already had her scent. She needed to take them out one by one and carefully without going under dead hands that would tear her flesh and eat her guts. Or the snapping teeth that would turn her into one of them.

The first one came at her and she gripped his dirty shirt with one fist and drove the blade home into his neck causing it to convulse before she yanked it out; blood sprayed on her face. She stabbed it once more in the head sending it crumbling to the ground. She ran at the next one stabbing it in the head between the eyes, it crumpled to the ground too. She wished she had a crossbow, He taught her how to use one and she was pretty good at it before. She just needed to find one and find that knack again. With a grunt she stabbed the last two one at a time in the head sending them to crash at her feet. Blood coated her hands and spattered her thin green rainmac. She bent over almost neaseated with exhaustion and after looking back once carried on walking down the middle of the road.

Occasionally one or two cars showed up left abandoned along with scattered belongings, flesh eaten corpses and old carseats. Anything packed had spilled its contents and she managed to find some packets of beef jerky and a gatorade in one. Out of date but edible. She munched on a packet and drank a few mouthfuls of the energy fluid. Her stomach kept it down and she left the wreck behind. A few minutes later she passed a burnt out body of a car and a van that had cleary collided with it, half its body crumpled like cardboard. She'd love a veichle righh now, would be so much safer than out on the road exposed to everything and anything.

She rubbed her arms as the chill caught up with her bones that were now losing their warmth from moving fast. She put her knife in her pocket and the food and fluid in the other. Back with Them there would be warm food and water, a bed to lay in and safe shelter. The people there were protected by a facade, an illusion, they didn't know what the so called govenor and his lackeys were really like. The murderers, rapists and lying cowards they really were but she did. No one saw behind the scenes where he kept prisoners or his secrets. The fights he held for entertainment were sick and she wished she never bought into any of his bullshit stories he told her. What he told every new person that he let in, that its a safehaven a place of community, normalness. Shelter, food, water, electricity all wrapped up in a shiny package which for anyoone surviving in this world seems like paradise, a slice of heaven but what they don't know is that hell lies just underneath the surface.

Woodbury, is a place she will never return to unless they take her back kicking and screaming. They called her 'baby' or 'pretty thing' sometimes 'Blondie'. She guessed it made it slightly better that they never used her name that would be too intimate. An intmate nightmare. As long as they didn't use the name that He called her. Everytime it happened she couldn't even think of Him not like that instead she went back when it was all good again, in a field in Tennessee surrounded by corn riding down a dirttrack on a Harley. She was too scared if she stopped their abuse. Would they kill her or worse?

A car engine sounded loud in the dense silence, it came from somewhere behind her and she started running. In a split second she decided to sprint into the woodland and scrambled to hide behind a tree trunk split in two the thickest she could find. She held her breath as the veichle slowed and travelled at five miles an hour diverting round the old cars; its lights blazing lighting up the trees like a white sun. Then it stopped and she heard a whistle. A deathly five whistle tune that made her numb and cold on her insides. It was the govenor. Footsteps clambered on the tarmac and guns clicked in place. Her heartbeat sped up and her pulse beat hard against her skin. Did she run or did they know she was here?

Deciding to run she crept off a few steps keeping her eyes on the truck on the road attempting to avoid crunchy leaves and darted into the darkness. She never made it a few metres before a walker came at her. Then another and another. She stepped backwards as they almost surrounded her and she landed against someone. The stench told her it was dead and a hand wrapped round her and she couldn't help it, she screamed. It was a reaction and a stupid one at that. Its mouth came closer, its breath stunk of rotting flesh, coppery blood and unwashed breath from rotting lungs. She grabbed its arm and went to reach for her knife when a shot rang out. Blood rained over her face and the walker instantly dropped around her. More shots rang out making the on coming walkers drop one by one and a living hand grabbed her arm squeezing tight till his fingers pinched skin.

She gasped and glanced up into the eyes of the govenor. Fear lanced through her like an ice bucket being dropped over her and terror made her eyes wide. Her eyes flicked to the revolver in his hand and back to his face to catch a sinister smile rolling over his pampered skin.

"You should come home Lucy-May" The govenor said creepily "Running off is wrong. You wouldn;t make it far out here and a pretty thing like you shouldnlt be wasted by this world. Come home and have a drink, take off the edge, you must be exhausted by this ravaged world?"

Numbly Lucy-May stepped round him and was pushed towards the truck by his hand and she slowly slid down to the tarmac. Martinez one of his henchmen stood ready and waiting by the door. A machine gun rested against his shoulder behind his neck and he gave a nod to the govenor as he let her go pushing her at him. She smelt his cologne, a sweet acrid smell that stung her nose and felt the sweat on his skin. He smiled savagely, his dark cropped hair even darker in the night and his gun sheened metallically in the moonlight making her heart stop and miss His crossbow even more.

Martinez pulled open the back door and she reluctantly got in and fastened her seatbelt. She had been defeated and there was no where to go. The doors slammed as the govenor and Martinez jumped in the front. She glanced next to her to see another man, Bob she believed his name was and held a glint in his eye she hated. His shaven blonde head shined in the limited light that came in through the windows and he cracked a smile. His hand travelled over and slapped onto her thigh making her jump. He rubbed her knee before sliding back towards her hips and she felt her heart stop her mind ready to jump to that happy place when he stopped retreating it back to his own lap.

The truck engine bleared to life and the tyres schreeched as Martinez turned it round and skidded off back the way they came. Forty five heartbreaking minutes later they arrived at the red steel gates after doing a sort of slalom past dead cars and the walking dead. A forty five minute drive at speed, a few hours walk thats all she got, a forty five minute drive, it was almost devasting. Men above the wall made of large truck and lorry tyres and old empty car loaded trucks made her nervous.They had all touched her in treacherous and uncomfortable ways and made her scream in pain. She never had mercy. The gates opened to a pretty packaged hell, they travelled through and closed her in just as easily. Martinez, the govenor and Bob jumped out, she released her belt and opened the door to land on the perfect tarmaced surface of Woodbury.

The Govenor came round to her, his blonde combed over perfect hair shined silver in the artificial white lights and his hand grabbed her arm pulling her over to his house. Not the front door but below where he interegated prisoners which she occasionally heard and the crunching and pounding of flesh made her sick but it was the screams, blood curdling screams she never got out of her head. He lead her to a small room next to the two interrigation rooms with a steel door locked from the outside with a single bolt.

He unbolted the door and thrust her inside where she fell hard against the railing of the double bed laiden with soft cream sheets. A tiny bathroom ran off to the right with a tiny shower, sink and toilet. A small stove, surface, minature fridge and cupboards held food and water. A small chest of drawers beside her bed held clothes and fresh linen. The walls of her slice of hell were white and nothing more except the door of coursw which was silver. The only escapement she ever had was winthin the pages of a book she kept under her pillow of children running away escaping to Narnia through a wardrobe. There were too many times she wished she could do that.

Lucy-May spun round to see him shutting the door. Her bottom lip quivered as his hand raised and pulled out a curly strand of her hair and sniffed it. Suddenly without warning he grabbed her hair in a fistfall effectively making her neck throw back and stiffen to look at him. His foul lips pressed against hers and he tightened his grip making her face srew up in pain.

"How dare you fucking run away?" The govenor spat at her. His real name is Phillip but there was no way she would ever call or refer to him as that, it made him human, it made him worthy. "After all I've done for you. Bitch!"

Lucy winced as he shook her head, pain erupted on the back of her head. She gritted her teeth and reached up trying to loosen his iron grip. He let go and pushed her into the bathroom.

"Get cleaned up" He barked at her. "I'll deal with you after, I have a new guy brought in a week ago who will deal with you too, show him a good time. And tomorrow your boarding up wherever you managed to get in"

Lucy-May, terrifyed closed her bathroom door, undressed and stood in the shower letting the hot water attack her fear still pounding ice through her. Blood, dirt and grime ran off her body and eventually tears as she sobbed silently with a fist to her head. She shampooed and conditioned before scrubbing her body a hundred times, it was never cleaned enough. Finally fate came, the watter shut off and she dried and changed into shorts and a tshirt though knowing there was no point.

Reentering the room she saw the Govenor topless dressed only in his boxers, her feet shuffled towards the bed and she wished she could run. His hands grabbed her pulling her down and he straddled her, clothes were stripped from her body and before the insteant pain she ran to her happy place letting herself get lost in a dreamy paradise...

Laying ther naked and in a dull pain, Lucy-May felt a dull ache all over body. She was beyond exhausted and too hurt to cry. What good did tears do anyway? She sniffed and wiped her eyes. She knew there was another, a new guy she had not seen and with that came a weird already diminished hope that it was someone who would take pity and maybe save her like superman.

The govenor had already gone and she waited there sprawled out on the bed for maybe ten minutes before she heard the door re open again and a figure entered. Through her blurry eyes she didn't really take in his face or features. It was usually a blur when they came and went, she never wanted to remember their faces anyway or the feel of them on her. Wiping her eyes again she saw first the contraption on his left hand, silver, metal with an extended sharp metal blade. Then moving up past the whiste vest top over a flannel shirt she saw his face, older and familiar. His skin was pale and looked dry with stubble round his mouth and along his jaw, his dark green eyes watched her carefully. His grey-blonde hair sat in slight curls on top of a slightly receded hair line. It took her an instant but she knew him. Then it hit her like a freight train.

It was Merle.

His brother.

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