Save me, please...If your still out there - walking dead fanfiction

So my brother told me to watch the walking dead and I did, now I'm obsessed with it and with one particular character...Daryl Dixon.
This is a fan fiction story about a Girl he met called Lucy-May before the world ended, they fell in love and months before hell breaks loose she was due to fly back to England. Due to Military action she didn't and now she lives in an isolated pretty packaged hell named Woodbury where not all is as it seems. Will she ever see him again? Will he still fight for her? Will they survive to live to see the day?


2. Old faces and new hope

Merle spoke first "Lucy?" He asked voice cracking the way it always does underneath the southern accent "Lucy-May?" His eyes wandered in shock down her body "What the fuck happened to ya?"

Lucy managed to find new found strength and find a seating position hastily pulling covers overherself. "Merle?" she exclaimed "Oh my god! Where is he? Have you seen him?"

Merle still seemed to be staring at her in shock, he shook his head "Ye-Yeah, right after this cop hang cuffed me to a rooftop and I had to cut my own hand off" He lifted his left arm up as if to demonstrate what happened to it "I fashioned this, survived and then I find this place and this guy takes me in and now I'm thinking what the hell"

"So he's alive?"

Merle considered this "I think so, I don't know. I wouldn't worry about my little brother he knows how to look after himself. He'll find this place, he'll find you" He nodded "You know him. And ain't you meant to be in England?"

Lucy nodded "Military action." she started "Stopped the planes, closed the airports, I guess the outbreak was pretty bad by then. Maybe it was all shit in England too. I don't know. I don't even know if my family are alive"

"Oh" Merle breathed "Of course"

"You won't be-um-please" Lucy gestured to herself her cheeks flaming "You know"

Merle frowned "No, I'm not laying my brother's girl. He'd kill me right after he's killed all these bastards"

Lucy breathed out almost slumping in relief "We'll see him again. He's the reason I'm still alive, why I haven't ended it yet"

Merle glanced at her uncomofortable "So your like their bitch?"

Lucy teared up again and nodded, she bit her lip.

"Shit" Merle said "I-I'll somehow make sure he gets you. If I see him"

Lucy nodded again too.

Merle sighed and sat on the bed "No No No" he shook his head "This govenor he said he's good, says this town is good and he's keeping secrets like this" He cocked his head "Wonder what that fighting thing's all about?"

"Its sick" Lucy explained bitterly "Sick and twisted. Two people fight round a ring of controlled walkers. Fight to the death. He says its staged its not"

"Well I better not lose then" Merle said a twinkle in his eyes. "Or my baby brother won't find you"


"I have to go back to England. My work visa's going to run out in a week. I'll be back in a few months, I promise" She said a tiny tear in her eye, she hated goodbyes "I'll let you know what plane, look to the skies right?"

It was something he had told her a while ago when she talked about life, he said look to the skies and aim to go higher. He nodded and taken a step back,everyone left him in the end, why did he think she'd be any different?

"Okay" He told her quietly.

"I'll be back, I promise" She said sincerely taking his hand and kissed his cheek. A few tears fell and she tried to wipe them away.

He pulled her in holding her in his arms "Till then girl" he whispered "Till then"

She nodded against his chest, tears staining his checkered sleeveless shirt. "See you then, boy"

Distantly a baby cried. Daryl moaned, he rubbed his eyes, dreams of Her haunting him again and with a grunt he sat up swinging his legs round to hang off of the bottom of the metal prison bunkbed. The baby's wail carried on and gruffly he stood up. He made his way out of his cell, picked up his crossbow and swung it on his back. He never felt complete without it, it was like an extra limb. He left his open cell and found little Judith crying and wriggling in her crib. Somehow he had grown fond of this little asskicker yet a part of him hated the babysitting duty. Damn his light sleepiness.

He reached in pulling her up and cradled her in his arms. She carried on crying for some time before it eventually turned to gurgling then silence. He sighed and sat down on the top of the metal staircase. Moonlight rafted in through the barred windows of the prison cell block and only the silent sounds of snoring and sleep echoed in the block. He noticed her bottle half full of formula next to the crib and reached over, stretching his body managing to keep her stable he grabbed it and pulled back. He fed her the rest and she suckled it gently sipping up the formula.

Suddenly he heard footsteps in the darkness and the quiet. He glanced round and noticed Carol behind him. She smiled, the small lips on her oval face stretching to her eyes and she came to sit beside him. She was silent for some time and sighed into the dark echoes.

"Your good with her, you know?" Carol told him

Daryl gave an amused humph as he looked down at Judiths tiny chubby baby face with wide dark greeny brown eyes.

"Seriously" Carol insisted "Your doing a good job"

Daryl flicked a smile, in a second it was gone "I try" he said in his gruff voice with a southern accent interlacing it and shrugged "She woke me up anyway"

"Me too" Carol admitted "I heard her stop but I was awake by then" she glanced at him noticing the way his eyes moved as if remembering something "You okay?"

Daryl shrugged "Me? I'm fine"

Carol rubbed her hands together and rested them on her lap "You know you don't have to pretend to be? Its okay, good even to talk about it, you know?"

Daryl breathed out hard, suddenly pissed off, he seemed to be like that alot lately, maybe it was the restlessness that he didn't know if She was still alive or if she was okay in England. All he knew was anger and bitter sorrow of missing her and the dreams that haunted him still. He handed Judith over to Carol gently but abruptly and got to his feet. He gave her a pointed look and said "I'm fine. Damn it, mind your own damn business"

He stomped back to his cell and laid on the matress waiting for morning. He laced his hands behind his head and closed his eyes but Her image played behind his eyelids. Emotions boiled to the surface,becoming too much and his fist connected hard with the wall beside him, he gritted his teeth not feeling the pain yet and slammed his knuckles against it again. Bringing out his knife he twisted it against the plaster again and again making a small chiseled hole. First Merle and then Her both meant so much and both left. Were they even alive? Was it worth holding on?

Plaster chipped away and fell to the ground. He kept going till there was only an inch deep hole and he sheathed his knife once more. He sighed heavily and unloaded and loaded his crossbow. Waiting made him uneasy and he placed it on the ground beside him before turning on his side and attempting sleep. Dawn was still a few hours away yet and with more and more walkers he needed every minute he could get. He tried to push Her and Merle as far away as possible back to the receded corner of his mind and drift into darkness but somehow images and memories still loitered around.

"Are you okay? speak to me Daryl, don't make me a stranger" She said as he worked on his Harley motorcycle, she just told him she was leaving how did he think he'd take it. "Please talk to me, say something"

He kept pulling parts out and putting them together. Screwing nuts and bolts and placing pieces together. He started on the engine and fixing it without once looking at her.

"Daryl, please say something" She pleaded taking a step closer, her green eyes watching him move around the bike.

He threw down the spanner and parts and in a fit of rage pushed the bike over before overturning a table contents clanging on the floor. He turned to her seeing the surprise and fear in her eyes. "What the hell do you want me to say!?" He yelled "Your leaving!" he shook his head "You know what? Just go I don't want you here anymore, I don't care about you, just go!"

Her lip moved up and down without words, her eyes brimmed with tears and her hands shook. She stared at him standing her ground, surprising him. He was a bad guy she knew that, the whole damn town knew that, what did she expect? "I don't believe you" she whispered shaking her head "I don't"

He fisted his hands and took a step closer pointing his finger in her face "Your a real piece of work, girl, coming here act the way you do, poke your head in my business and then leave!" He fisted his hand pointing at her and threw it away turning his back to her as he didletting out a shout of frustration "Just leave!"

"Okay" She whispered, a sob escaped her lips cracking slightly through his anger "Okay"

When his anger receded and he finally turned back round she was gone.

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