50 facts about me! :)

Just a simple 50 facts about me that I thought you might wanna know :)


4. 31 - 40!

31 ~ I am a HUGE Niall girl! He is my bunny :)


32 ~ I am a huge fan of 80's music!


33 ~ I like the group Madness!


34 ~ I am obsessed with cooking shows! (Especially Nigella Kitchen!)


35 ~ I love reading books!


36 ~ Another one of my favourite films is 1D - This Is Us!


37 ~ I always wanted to meet Demi Lovato and tell her how much she inspires me!


38 ~ Harry and Niall both waved at me and my best friend at the concert!


39 ~ I really want a pen pal!


40 ~ My favourite film is The Notebook.

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