50 facts about me! :)

Just a simple 50 facts about me that I thought you might wanna know :)


2. 11 - 20

11 ~ I began to self harm when I was 14 years old and it carried on until August 2013


12 ~ I am anaemic (low iron in my blood)


13 ~ I used to cry myself to sleep when I was younger and it stopped just before I turned 15


14 ~ I have a really bad habit of smiling whenever I feel like crying


15 ~ I am really self concious about my weight and (it sounds weird) the way my nose is shaped (it is shaped kind of like a pigs nose and people used to bully me for that)


16 ~ I hate my teeth (they're kind of goofy)


17 ~ Personally, I think I'm a really selfish person (because I feel sorry for myself all the time...)


18 ~ I always feel lonely and like people would rather have me dead


19 ~ I can never trust anybody but my best friends... sometimes not even myself


20 ~ I think I might be depressed (I cry all the time)

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