The Rise

It's been 30 years since The Bat was defeated by Superman. Since then, Gotham has remained quiet. But all that is about to change. A new Bat must rise, with help from some newly inspired heros, and his army of followers. The Bat faces his greatest threat. The Keys.

Set after Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns' this takes crime fighting to a whole new level.


2. The Cave

I return home quickly. I don't think as i hop onto my bike and rev the engine. It's loud, and scares the hell out of crooks in the dark. I drive fast, my cape wipping behind me, being battered by the wind. Through my black helemt visor the city races past me. No one's driving tonight. It's quiet.

Then I hear it. A police car starts up its sirens behind my. I drive faster, and the speed after me. 'Damn' I think, 'Okay boys, let's go,' I wip around a tight corner, but they follow quickly. 'Crap,' I think again. Cops in Gotham have become steadily more aggressive to us vigilantie types. Ever since the incedent at Crime Alley. I glance behind me. There are two of them.

I growl, and keep pushing the bike forward, fast as it can. I then realise where we are. We enter the industrial estate. Abandoned warehouses, and factories line the road. I pull into one. The cops follow suit. I brake, then rush into the mass of decaying metal, and rusting sheet steel. "FREEZE!" One of them yells, as a shot wips past my ear. Rookies. 

It's dark inside. Good. I raise my wrist, and fire the grappler. It connects with a steel gurder, and i reel myself up, just as the rookies burst in the warehouse. From my perch i pull my night goggles from my back pouch. "Where are you..?" One of the rooks say. I glance down. One of them is right beneath me.

I do a head count. 'Four cops. One with a pump shotgun, the others with pistols.' I look around my surroundings. The ware house is empty, other than a few boxes scattred around. I look down again. He's still there. I reload my wrist grapnel, with a spft click it's primed. I aim downward. When he moves, grab his leg, and pull him up. I wait..then fire.

I miss by a centimetre, the guy gasps and jumps away, looking up, shining his torch up through the dusty air faster than i cant leap away. He fires. I jump, off the gurder, and land with a swoosh of my cape. He cries out, but i knock his head into the floor, and he's out cold. But not quick enough. I look up to see the other three cops. "Damn," I growl.

"Stay there, and do not move!" One of them pulls out handcuffs. The guy with the shotgun. I smile behind my mask. I grab the shotgun from his side, and pull him toward me, I punch him. Square in the face. He topples down, his nose broken.

I look up to the other two. "You have two options. You try to fight me, in which case i will be forced to break your arm," I point at the first one, "and your left shoulder," point at the second one "and i walk away without a scratch. OR, you turn around, call help for your buddies, then go home without a detour to the hospital," I stare them down. They back off. I give them one last glance then remount my bike, and speed off to the outskirts of Gotham. Toward the ruins of Wayne Manor.

 I take the side route, toward a makeshift garage the kind that the police wouldnt give a second look. Parking inside the red and rusted metal structure, I dismount, and kneel on the floor, pressing in a button on the floor. As I release the button, the floor around me starts to slide down like an elevator. "Home sweet home," I murmmer.

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