The Rise

It's been 30 years since The Bat was defeated by Superman. Since then, Gotham has remained quiet. But all that is about to change. A new Bat must rise, with help from some newly inspired heros, and his army of followers. The Bat faces his greatest threat. The Keys.

Set after Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns' this takes crime fighting to a whole new level.


1. Something Big

"Hey bossman, we got somethin'" The crackle of my audio equipment hurts my ears. Dime a dozen thugs, breaking into a jewellery store. How cliche can you get? I'm sat on the railing of the metal balcony of an apartment building. Over-looking the theives. Idiots. "What is it? Better be you havin' that freakin' door open!" Their leader is about my height. And twice the bulk.

"Done!" exclaimed one of the thugs, breaking into the store.

"Nice work buddy, now grab whatcha can, then back in da truck!" with that their boss stalked back to a big black van outside the store. Time to move.

I leap from my perch, opening my cape. Just like HE used to. Then land on top of the van. It shakes. I hear a voice inside,"Chugg, go check that out," i hear a grunt in response, then wait. The back opens, and a bigger, scarier looking thug gets out. He's holding what looks like a club, with a sledgehammer on the other end of it. I slip a boomerang out of the belt across my chest, and throw it at the street lamp above me. It breaks and now the corner of the street is shrouded in darkness. "Who's there!?" the big guy shouts.

I jump of the van, and land on his head, my cape flourishing behind me like a dark spirit ready to be unleashed. I muffle his mouth first with my hand, he's surprised, and flails around as i slowly knock him unconcious. He gets lucky. As he flails his arms, he grabs my head, and throws me through the window of the jewellery store.

"Crap" I mumble, as I stand, then wince as i do. I feel my side, and feel something sharp sticking out of it. 'Be stupid to pull it out' I think 'Stupider to stand still and let them find me. Heads have turned, but in the blackness of the store, I am all but invisible. They flick on their torches. And see me.

"It's the Bat!" One of them yells, and at that moment my senses flare. They compared me to him. I move like a tornado, thrashing ten shades of shit out of each of them. They cry, and try to fight back. But even they know, it is pointless. I hear heavier foosteps. I turn to the big guy, he has a torch, with his boss beside him. "It aint the Bat. It's some freaky copycat," he gestures to his lager counterpart,"Finish this clown will ya?"

The big guy grins horribly, looking like a demon in the torchlight. I stand ready, "Let's go big guy," I taunt.


A good fifteen minutes later i'm stood beside the broken body, of Big Guy, and am in the process of tying the boss up. "We'll kill you for this!" i roll my head, and my eyes. "Be quiet," I say, then hoist him up on the lampost outside. "Now, tell me, who sent you hear?"

"What? Me you dummie, I'm the boss here!"

"Okay, Boss, why here? why tonight?"

"What do you mean!? Please, let me down!"

I grunt, and pull on the rope I attached to the lampost to hoist him up further.

"Tonight marks thirty years since He was killed, and you choose tonight, why!?" I shout, I use the natural gravel I have in my voice to frighten him.

"All I know is somethings coming, something big man, and it starts tonight! Thats it!" He's trembling as i hoist him as high as possible, obviously a fear of heights.

"Anything else?" I speak quiter than before.

"No I swear, oh wait, there is one thing, don't trust the-" He's cuts off by sirens. 'Damn! The silent alarm from the jewellery store' I internally scold myself. "Talk later, this chat isn't over," with that i raise my wrist, and click the button for my grapple gun, then zoom up through the city. 'Something big huh?' I ponder the thought, 'Times like this we need Him,'.

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