The Rise

It's been 30 years since The Bat was defeated by Superman. Since then, Gotham has remained quiet. But all that is about to change. A new Bat must rise, with help from some newly inspired heros, and his army of followers. The Bat faces his greatest threat. The Keys.

Set after Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns' this takes crime fighting to a whole new level.


4. Promotion

Cassandra Carter. Detective for the GCPD. Former SWAT and investigator into the related 'Batman' sightings within the last two years. She sat at her desk, day in, day out, on her computer, pouring over photos from street cams, and eye witness reports. But so far nothing. Not a single scrap of usable evidence to catch him. Most people thought she was crazy, that Batman was still in Gotham. Everyone knows he died, fighting Superman. But she was certain.

"Cassandra! My office, Now!" her chief was a dick. Thats him summed up.

"Yes sir," she followed him into his office, with the ugly wooden desk, stained with coffee and a variety of burger fillings. Gordon, after his retirement, and after the fall of Yindell, there was alot of compettion to be the new comissioner. So naturally they picked the one with the most connections. Cassandra thought the Batman would have influenced the Police Department to actually care. Apparently not.

She stood in the middle of the office, the yellowish glow of the old fashioned lamp cast her in a murky gold light. She had done everything to stay out of his way, as frankly, he was repulsive. No better than Bullock. But at least he did his job.

"Ms. Carter, you are hereby working for SWAT. After the past month of doing nothing but prances around your idea that the so called 'Batman' is back in town, it's time to get you back out there,"

"But sir, i believe that i am very close to finding something, something crucia-"

"I dont want to hear it Cassandra. You're on duty as of now. We could use some old blood in the team, keep them on their toes, eh?" He barks a laugh, "Now off with you, this towns worse than ever. GO!"

She turned to the door, and left, walking to her desk, she was burning with anger. The whole reason she left SWAT was because of the Batman. She didn't want him harmed. She thought if there was some good left in this town, he'd find it.

She slammed her office door, and slumped into her office chair. Defeated. Until a bleep jolted her. From her computer, one of the many cameras she had set up had got something.

'It's HIM!' she thought. She grabbed her coat and put her gun in her holster, and went for the door.

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