The Rise

It's been 30 years since The Bat was defeated by Superman. Since then, Gotham has remained quiet. But all that is about to change. A new Bat must rise, with help from some newly inspired heros, and his army of followers. The Bat faces his greatest threat. The Keys.

Set after Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns' this takes crime fighting to a whole new level.


3. Break

The elevator keeps going down, until it hits the bottom of the shaft. I step off, pushing my bike. "Hey, Brock! You home?" I yell, I look around the darkened cavern around me. It's huge. My home. Essentially we found what remains of the BatCave. Lots of old junk that we could still use. Especially seeing as though his bike was relatively unharmed. Everything else had been all but destroyed. I hear clanging from somwhere up ahead. I kick a generator into gear, and floodlights flash on, bathing me in light. I push the bike into the garage space, basically a space big enough in the cave to fit some tools and a bike.

I sigh, and remove my mask, looking down at it. It's purposely mutilated. Looks as if its been scratched all over. With stitches running along the middle, keeping it together. I've worn it for the past two years. I turn it over, and look inside, at the makeshift hearing equipment, and sigh again. Ever since October, since i took a baseball bat to the side of my head, my left ear hasn't been working so well. But luckily i have a mad genius as my sidekick. Yeah, i have a sidekick. I walk toward the sound of clanging, and as i approach, i hear music. Beethoven if I'm not mistaken. I roll my eyes, he has an odd fixation with classical music. I round a large boulder, and I see him, my companion. And rightly so. He's 6'5 of sheer muscle. Like Bane...but without any of the venom. I slap him on the back in greeting, "Hey big guy," he turns and looks at me, his face isnt pretty by a long shot, but one seldom see's him without a woman beside him.

"Hey short stuff, how'd it go tonight?" he asks, wiping grease of his hands.

"Fine, relatively quiet," I set my mask down on the metal workshop bench, "Cops were unusually persistant tonight though,"

"Hm," Brock sounds, "Well, that thing you wanted? It's finished," he smiles and hands me a prototype for the grappler. "It's equipped with a special nylon rope, mostly a metal alloy, but very very light, and super strong, hell it could pull the man of steel down, albiet he'd get up and kick the living shit out of you but still," he notices something about me, "are you okay?"

I nod,"things seem tense at the minute, and i intorragted a gang, they broke into a jewellery store, one guy said something big was gonna go down. Soon," I unstrap my gloves, and lay them next to my mask. "I need a shower, back soon," Brock nods, as i walk toward the far end of the cave. But even as i plunged my head under the hot water, i couldnt escape the feeling that something bad, was about to happen. Something that would cost me everything.

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