New beginnings

Hi im Kelsie and this is my story.

18 and hopelessly in love,
After all that… who can save her?


1. Kelsie Pullman

Hi im Kelsie Chanice Pullman and heres some facts for you guys to feast your nosy little selves on….

Age: Nineteen.

Name: Kelsie Chanice Pullman.

School: Currently on a one year break from university. 

Job: Works in a bakery.

Hobbies: Music -singing- , working hard and achieving. 

Family: Mum -Elise- , Dad -Rupert- (hasn't been around since she was two), twin sisters -Holly and Hailey. 

Hair color: Brown.

Eye color: Grey.

Fashion (style): Hipster and shorts, tshirts, sneakers etc. (tomboyish).

Boyfriend: Nick Parker.

Best friend: Jolie-Ann. 





Will be making profiles for all them lot as well. xD



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